The advance mistake ♥ Gimmirim, on October 14th, the marriage “there is the actor family pedigree”


The actor advance mistake and Gimmirim gets married on October 14th. The Happy married company revealed on 12th, “the advance mistake and Gimmirim, p.m. 3 on 14th, all Ollin the wedding ceremony in Seoul Deo white veil”. It progresses with the comedian multiplication using chopsticks change clothes society. And the actor Geonhyeong Park going to the axis and singer Sugee Ahn to set up 1 banana causes. The string before actor realizes the sister of the advance right. The yeon of the actor Gimmirim and couple was finished and the husband of the ago string got to have 2 shot Jjae actor family genealogy the advance mistake with the actor Kim gin. In the revealed wedding album, 2 people are forming the happy micro. The family picture consisting of the actors is noticeable to the eyes The advance mistake appeared in ‘the king and I’ ‘the wife of your neighbor’ etc. and informed the face before. Presently, it is the son of the total nonexistence eulogy which it is appearing as the grandfather of the Hwapyeng Yoon (kim Dong-wook). Gimmirim was donated to the drama ‘the god’s quiz 2’ ‘the light and shadow’ ‘there is the cat’ ‘it will be well ready’ etc. One work met and the advance mistake and Gimmirim developed the love. The relation of the couple got to be finished.
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