“the brothers came back” H.O.T Vs Jekseukkiseu and memory summon with the concert


The Idol group H.O.T and Jekseukkiseu dominating 90’s spreads the same day (13~14 days) solo concert. 2 groups who is the rival meet in Jamsil and Olympic Park with the fans 20 years ago and the former honor is planning to be summoned. H.O.T holds ‘2018 Forever (High-five Of Teenagers)’ (the forever hi five Obeu teenager) concert in 13~14 days Songpa-gu Seoul Jamsil Sports Complex main stadium. As to this concert, H.O.T getting together achieved in the support hot of the fans through MBC ‘limitless Challenge’ going on by Tteujip Seol in last January. Face again with the fans after H.O.T prepares of the White heat years. It is the integer in 17 years and especially the expectation of the fans is higher. H.O.T concert showed the hot reactoin as much as the chapter 80,000, that is two days chi ticket, became simultaneously with the advance purchase start with the brachial plate p.m. 8 on 7th of last month. It came out to the illegal ticket in which the site was simultaneously paralyzed with the advance purchase start and which reaches the several million won. The bundle was canceled and the host, as to the second bought the ticket purchased in advance in the way in which it is illegal in advance. Jekseukkiseu meets by ‘SECHS KIES 2,018 CONCERT [now, · this ·, again] (the Jekseukkiseu 2,018 concert)’ in the same day Seoul Olympic Park gymnastic stadium with the fans. It is the determination that it will hold the concert in the place which held the first concerts after reuniting of the year 16 previously again in 2016 and at that time will reappear the impression. However, the atmosphere is quite different from H.O.T. While the problem that unilaterally the fraud and embezzlement and his person fan club Huni world took back the local fan meeting and the member Sunghoon Kang plated the field enterprise with the loss of the Korean won 100 million cost amount has been happening, it is to the dispute be. After all, the Jekseukkiseu fans protested ‘the concert itself will be boycotted if Sunghoon Kang will not secede’ the agency YG entertainment (under YG). The agency revealed “sunghoon Kang is unable to climb the stage” “even when feeling sorry, the situation where it is difficult to rise to the stage was understood and this position the member was accepted”. This influence had an effect on the concert ticket. The available seat remained Jekseukkiseu unlike H.O.T concert sold out quite. The concert of the Jekseukkiseu remained 975 seats as the standard with the result that it confirms in the auction ticket, that is the ticket selling agency, on 13th on 14th. When taking into consideration that ticket reservation start is August 29, it is the remarkably many numbers. Nevertheless, it is the rumor that it shot for the Jekseukkiseu member silver pans for the practice till the day before concert. YG was revealed “the completion checked the special devices, including the stage copper wire for the high concert carefully and it engaged in the rehearsal earnestly”. After that, it told “the appearance of the members who supported and are mutual understanding heated the rehearsal site hotly”. The concert was played, there was a lot of the complications but 2 groups got to hold the same day concert like the fate. In the water Jamsil with the white balloon and yellow balloon and Olympic Park, the unusual scene seems to stretch out one more.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735226.htm, 2018/10/13 09:58:23]