The first place of movie rank in ‘female and male murder’ hollywood movie ‘venom’ and confrontation


While the fall which five cardinal colors maple leaves entices was growing late, solder heartburnings Korean movie ‘female and male murder’ occupied the first place of movie rank at last third. The entertainment tax of the same day solder heartburnings hollywood movie ‘venom’ is not easy. ‘female and male murder’ occupied the first place of standard box office on 13th Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network, that is Saturday, at last 12th. The accumulated audience reaches to 2.400249 million people. ‘female and male murder’ are the crime misfire pole dealing the story of the detective who believes the murderer and confession confessing 7 murder of the addition in the jail and follows the case. Kim did gloss seat play a role of the detective, the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character played a role of the murderer? ‘venom’ occupying the second is the action blockbuster drawing the story which is reborn as the marble the first Bill run hero venom after the host of the outer space creature ‘Simbiotteu’ comes to the just reporter add block (tom Bottom Devoon). It is the point to be the solo movie which the marble puts up Bill run as the star primally. The accumulated audience is 2.861917 million people. The Korean movie ‘the Miss white’ occupied the third following ‘female and male murder’ ‘venom’. At last eleventh, the accumulated audience of solder 한 this film was tallied at 66,011 people. All Geuryeot the talk of the child that ‘the Miss white’ which the Hahn, Han Geemin · Seaa Kim, and etc. appears escapes from the woman whom the ex-convict lives lonely in the young age and reality severe The quarternity and the fifth appeared for the hollywood movie ‘the star Ijeu sees’ and Korean movie ‘seasung Ahn’.
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