The wrapper axe and companion dog medical malpractice death insistence…”It is dumbfounded.


The consolation of the netizen is continued towards the wrapper axe asserting the medical malpractice of the companion dog. The picture which the companion dog funeral scene is put in the early morning Instagram was published on 12th and the axe was revealed “the cloud (the companion dog name) coming to 9 year old died from the medical malpractice”. After that, it was hospitalized after ” (companion dog) surgical operation of hip joint. It subjected and to general anesthesia and reoperate and the child who It doesn’t become that there was no owner agreement, the doctor performs an operation after everyone left the office by the reason that it didn’t like the person the operation as one pleases was asserted. And all Geodwot ” after breath What there have to be no this amazing accident was not right, it expressed. The death of the companion dog was and grieved “the cloud, it takes a rest on the sky comfortably and frisks fully with our kendall person”. “the horse, not, the Dwae” (knh7****) “it will have painful much” (suna****) “it wonders whether it is the hospital where” (powe****) “it is encouraged” (lhd****) ” originals is the netizen dumbfounded by this kind of news. Was ” (seul****) ” motion gotten if it was upset? If it was decided because the operation was needed, enough explanation was given to the owner, the absurd mind was expressed and the axe was consoled with ” (4246****) “it is really unfortunate as the man sharing with the companion dog” (anst****) the back comment. The axe is selected as the entertainment world representative animal lover usually. Last year, in the TvN ‘denomination of weight of which the talk is needed’, the companion dog color and Godiva is introduced.
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