‘turnips pickled in salt water’ red the soul “17 year old and high school student husband and marriage”


‘the good looker native’ broadcaster red the soul (26) appeared on MBN variety program ‘turnips pickled in salt water’ and it confessed “it married in 17 year old with the high school student husband”. ‘is the age the algebra on the marriage?’ in ‘turnips pickled in salt water’ broadcasted at p.m. 11 on 13thThe broadcaster red the soul, dentist Kim Hyeonggyu, and singer cut with the theme. The Lee, Yi Changhun, and etc. given the actor Kim Seonghwan and inside Yong appear. It revealed in the video recording “the husband and marriage was determined and it met but the child was unable to expect” which the red the soul crawls recently. He confessed “it felt because the life went broke because the body condition was not good and the tester was tried, 2 line came out and this moment husband was the high school student”. The red the soul opened the circumstances which gets to get married “the mind seemed to collapse and the liked, saying that as to husband, can I take the responsibility for ‘ this woman, looks seemed to have no discretion?” early. After that, he expressed “it got married early, it got to give up to be many” “the then of was thought that it grew up but the friend arounds are seen, the age, that is the youth, is enviable”. In the meantime, if many people got married late, the red the soul will be good. It wanted to tell that it was not late even if the youth was all enjoyed and it did in the thirties and emphasized. The red the soul opened the husband and the first meeting anecdote. He revealed “the husband came to see and betrayed my shopping mall employee with me”. After that, the school uniform model proposal came to this friend and I “it was often heard at the office and the husband got to install the fitting model” one day. It fell in love after this shooting. Small one was cute and it said and the recording studio was made into the scene of boisterous laughter.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735259.htm, 2018/10/13 20:28:41]