BTS which the boy… foreign news swallowing U.S.A looks


‘how on earth, these boys are the someone’The head was tilted at first. The explosion red phosphorus, like YouTube star PSY but, at the time when being the ashotstyle popularity, it did. Next, it was dubious. And presently, the whole world is taking notice at 7 boys coming from the small country Korea. Surprising on miracle which these make is analyze and it sheds light concentratedly and the various special article oves the subject is put out. It is 7 boys that conquer U.S.A and head for Europe and story about the bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS member RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation). The bulletproof Boy Scouts which the foreign news looks has any kind of looks. The foreign news scrambles for the popularity unprecedented of the small boys breaking out at Orient and their key to successes is analyze. Till Korean k pop future and possibility it advances The bulletproof Boy Scouts looked on the foreign country has any kind of looks. All Darwot the special art piece which it quotes the speech of the brand strategy analyst Martin roll putting 11 days (under local time) bulletproof Boy Scouts success last month, and the British Broadcasting Corporation illuminates the possibility overall of the k popMartin roll “it is proving one called the fashion in which the k pop grazes just and which passes the Ani for the past several years” evaluated “when as to cold current, as to the authentically balanced culture came and it is the same as the blessing in the Korean position”. BBC introduced the interesting column that it is the way in which the fan of settling down the bulletproof Boy Scouts becomes to this besides. The way that It becomes the fan of settling down the bulletproof Boy Scouts can shout the first slogans according to the opened column. Follow the second dances. Take the third noctilucent sticks. Take care of the present for the fourth stages. Fifthly, take part genuinely. Sixthly, devote at last 10th. At last eighth, in the Australian press, the emigrant and k pop was connected and the article of the opinion of the different view was introduced. Sydney Maoning Herald told more of Australia ‘the immigrants accept the identity as Asian and the k pop is installing the large-scale role’. The U.S.A daily calli pony inside took notice as the column of the title that it is ‘it succeeded in the album of the bulletproof Boy Scouts in fact. It is most surprising’ to the surprising Billboard chart record of Orient boys. Under is the detail that it extracts the part among 6 months 7 days person column contents that the daily calli pony is well known. These who are well knowner in the bulletproof Boy Scouts and Western countries with BTS made the record turmoil at the Billboard chart last month. It added till the Billboard 200 chart 1 Wi the tower 10 single and this band success opened the other cage with ‘gangnam Style’ fever of the previous fresh PSY as to Asian musical history in U.S.A at all. The k pop speciality columnist Ttama Herman described the bulletproof Boy Scouts through the domestic press media and interview as ‘the beatles which is poor at Engilsh’ at last eighth. Herman is truly famous for ” bulletproof Boy Scouts in fact. It have the fan of the several million in U.S.A. It became the fan of the bulletproof Boy Scouts now, the men following Justin beaver or the circle direction, and etc. said in the past. In on this reason ” American musical circle, the reputation on the won direction is collapsing and the carrier of Justin beaver is the original place. The bulletproof Boy Scouts was due to be constantly introduced and is due to visit U.S.A to this time constantly and analyze. After that, it is know as one which is poor at much interest in ” Korea with the debut at that time to get. However, at that time, U.S.A was constantly visited. The hip-hop based song was done. And it was the team leading the newborn agency to the success. As to these points, there is the number to attract the interest of American public. General K pop teams were not to inspire the sense for the real but it was realistic and on the difference of the bulletproof Boy Scouts explained the bulletproof Boy Scouts. And ” thats talk the difficulties in the life and fight. In fact, the k pop concentrated on the feeling including the love story or sorrow, friendship, and etc. about in 2015 since 2009. The bulletproof Boy Scouts told with the violent spirit about the society. Moreover, it was one among this reason to could contact and it told. Besides, because of experiencing ‘first’ of which the bulletproof Boy Scouts is endless, it evaluated. The bulletproof Boy Scouts played the k pop group in American music awards primally at last fifth last year and this year showed the live stage in the Billboard music awards among the k pop group for the first time, washington Post introduced. K pop fever on was shed intensive light through the face-to-face communication with the Billboard K pop columnist Jeff Jeomin Ben last month and CNN evaluated as “it is the meaning that it opened eye and ear in the good music even if the music which U.S.A is written in Engilsh was not” ‘the work in which this case is great as to the world music market’. U.S.A music medium Rollingseuttonseu evaluated ‘only the bulletproof Boy Scouts, how, the Kkaet the contraindication of K pop’ as the title “korean majority of Idol group were following the verified official for the success, on the other hands, the bulletproof Boy Scouts exceeded the language with the Jeongchi·sahoejeok issue which there can be adverse criticism and the message was put into the music” at last first. . The British Broadcasting Corporation shed intensive light on the bulletproof Boy Scouts. BBC was praised as “the music exports of BTS of the carefully comprised dance and appearance like the boy the best in Korea nice” last month. It was passionate on the fan club ‘AMI’ great interest the steps as much as it was reminiscent of the fans in Beatles in 1960’s while American New York the Times and UPI and Asahi newspaper in Japan reported the Billboard result of the bulletproof Boy Scouts.
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