‘pop music’ Super Juniors and Latin pop ‘the long-sighted plan time’ comeback performance…’The powerful ‘ performance


‘the cold current king’ Super Juniors displayed the potential energy of the car idol as the powerful stage in ‘pop music’ with the debut in 14, Super Juniors informed the splendid feed back in SBS ‘pop music’ broadcasted with 14 with the day at 3:40 p.m. by the new musical composition ‘the long-sighted plan time (One More Time)’. As to this day Super Juniors, the trendy made to be these minds which danced to the Latin pop tune which he installs and shows and watches the same knife group dancing excited. When Super Juniors appeared, then the fans welcomed with the large-scale voice in ‘pop music’ along with the hot compliance. Super Juniors repaid the support of the fans and the nice stage was decorated. The title song ‘the long-sighted plan time’ of the Super Juniors special mini album ‘the long-sighted plan time’ is the tune of which the Reggae tone Latin rhythm stands out. This tune is the song of which the groove in which the other sound which is various with the principal axis becomes the strong reggae tone Latin rhythm more and more and which it is exciting stands out. It is and the feature that honest housekeeping that it doesn’t want to miss the now of the sight forms the Eo mistake. ‘the long-sighted plan time’ swept the overseas chart on 8th opening to the public immediately after and showed the aspect of the music chart strong man severely. In the Aittyunjeu synthesis album chart, it rose to United Arab Emirates as well as Central and South American area, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hong kong, Philippines, Japan, including, whole world 27 the region 1 the Wi including Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, and etc. and the explosive response was gotten. Meantime, the NCT127, wiki Mikki, and pro Miss court lady had the comeback performance with this day Super Juniors. Besides, rose, Sebeuneokkeul rock, and girl of this month appeared more and the Deurimkaechyeo inspired the possession, icon, snooper, Edikkim, space girl, and pleasure completed the stage tightly.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735291.htm, 2018/10/14 17:23:08]