‘the boss attacked U.S’ play auto and unlike other people key to success… memo reform


The in-house culture unique of the year 13 car venture business play auto introduced through ‘the boss attacked U.S’ is revealed and the attention is concentrated, ‘ future is led in ‘KBS job project boss attacked U.S’ (under ‘ boss attacked U.S) broadcasted with 14 with the day at 10:5 a.m. along with small and mid-sized venture company part and Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation. CEO who it divided small and medium companies that are chosen as the respected company ‘ with the ago, practices the management was introduced. In this day broadcasting, the president of the play auto making the shopping mall-integrated management solution and automatic measurement equipment manufacturer Telstar platform mail and employees appeared. Especially, all Kkeureot the unlike other people growth mystique of the play auto the interest All Deullyeojwot the key to success of the play auto president and employees ‘the company which divides and grows’ Firstly, the reason why “because of giving an answer later if it reserves as the messenger, it is good” the employee doesn’t need to greet was revealed. The mystique which He reveals was directly the memo. Unconditionally it writes one coming to mind and the Kim Sajang makes. It wrote one by one and there was the office space plan yet, it said and whether the development staffs installed any 1 the surprise was evoked. After that, it was poor when ” in-house venture had to install. It is Jeok one in 2014. It added to be the plan ” which it will do later. The Telstar platform mail together introduced with this day is the manufacturer made for equipment automatic measurement and control device including the automatic measuring instrument, auto assembly, robot peripheral, automatic control equipment, and etc. The amount of sales was 41.4 billion won last year. Meantime, ‘the boss attacked U.S’ is the program which improves the awareness of the man job hunters about the current small and medium companies, that is the youth unemployment 440,000 age, and conveys the fun and profitable information and heavy impression.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735277.htm, 2018/10/14 12:24:28]