The electric conduction…’ the wrap is bored with ‘Running Man’ or less · Suhyang Lim and faceThe will in which it burns in great flames


It participated in ‘the rap boring’ mission as ‘Running Man’ or less will in which Suhyang Lim is surprising and the large-scale smile of was given a present. In SBS variety program ‘Running Man’ broadcasted p.m. 4 on 14th 50 minute, one actor Lee and Suhyang Lim appeared as the guest and ‘the pace Vs voice’ race was started. This day ‘Running Man’ began one ‘Voice’ captain Lee and ‘pace’ captain Suhyang Lim the team competition lace against with the tip of a writing brush. The first mission was ‘the rap monster’. The game was the rule boring the wrap of the picture frame with the face. It said to the Bottom Ha which it gets under prior to the game start “it will start truly from the now” and it made to be altogether the team members tense. After that, “can you overcome just?”Asked and Geehyo Song got sick of this of “the eyes is not practical joke” the fear. The whistle sound gave notice of the start of the game with ㅇ and eight wraps was almost bored for 30 seconds which hereinafter it appears, the shot was caused. Jaesuck Yoo was teased “when the sulky face of me one was much seen”. After Suhyang Lim challenged the rap boring. However, three wraps was stopped in boring. In conclusion, the victory returned to ‘Voice’ team. It was swimmingly destroyed and one Lee and Suhyang Lim showed off the easy-going fascination. The will Buddha of 2 people burst seen these smiles against. The self confidence appeared effusively in ‘Running Man’ and it engaged in the self-introduction without the modesty and first one this day Lee and Suhyang Lim induced the burst of laughter.
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