The red the soul “the premarital pregnancy in 17 years olds of husband and mother-in-law marriage objection”


When ㅇ gave the marriage news to the age which ‘turnips pickled in salt water’ red zero is early after the premarital pregnancy, on the surrounding reaction was without reservation confessed and the attention was centered. All Nanwot the talk with the subject called ‘the age is the algebra on the marriage’ the broadcaster and shopping mall CEO red zero appears as the guest on the general programming channels MBN ‘the retaliation show turnips pickled in salt water’ (under ‘ turnips pickled in salt water ‘) broadcasted p.m. 11 on 13th “the premarital pregnancy was done and the husband, as to the age of 10,017 and I got married in the twenty years old after”, which this day red the soul crawls firstly, all Yeoreot the mouth After that, asked MC hand clapping great favor “the surrounding reaction was how when marrying the high school student. But”. “when the child spread among the men, he informed only after the husband graduated from the high school” which the red the soul crawls in this “there were the blessing, saying that it was the right action, men but to the contrary ‘ word had a lot of the men telling all Doen ‘ not” at the time about was reminisced. He, as to on reaction of the parents-in-law listening to the premarital pregnancy news and parents emptied. ” mother-in-law crawling across the red the soul opposed completely. It is the thing in which the husband is not the high school student but which I don’t make sense with “***” because there is the son. At that time, my idea was identified all Haeeot “. After that, the answer came ‘ I was pregnant in ” first time to the dad, the message was sent and it was good. The dad tended to understand the weather. So, it could be said to call the dad to the husband directly. The father could be said to come over once later and told. On the contrary, the red zero crawls, it didn’t come out of the room for 3 days and the mother cried. There was no I to see the grandson. It had trouble that It became the proud daughter in this way. What it did the idea that the husband was young and will be changed and the daughter was worried was and he told. “it was sad and the mother-in-law own way was difficult and the husband the mom the mother-in-law was expelled from the home as the mom” which the red the soul crawls ” husband was got kicked out because in the high school student and it lived in my friends home. So, ‘ you will study eagerly to the parents-in-law. It told that it will hold in the half in the 10th and did, it revealed. Originally that friend was not and, “it held in the 10th and after all, studied about the future”. However, because of studying and attending the academy, the mother was understood. At that time, it liked so now and explained. Meantime, ‘turnips pickled in salt water’ is the program in which sometimes, the friend and turnips pickled in salt water madames like the sister sometimes give present of the refreshing turnips pickled in salt water which the thin ice sets boom afloat on the stuffy heart by the retaliation.
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