H.O.T. The feed back of the idol original house it came


” dream is the same. If this stage came to the page which the H.O.T. Is fresh, it will be good. The hot shout and tear and white balloon wave was full. Ours dominating one era eternal brother and H.O.TAs brilliant their heydaies was once again reappeared the day and Seoul the Olympics main part stadium when (the member swash, Huijun Moon, Woohyeok Jang, Tony Ahn, and this asset) get together again in 17 years became red-hot hotly. In the past 13 days and 14 days Seoul the Olympics main part stadium, the H.O.T opened the solo concert ‘2018 Forever(High-five Of Teenagers)’ and met the fans in 17 years. The members getting back together again and this concert was accomplished due to MBC variety program ‘the Limitless Challenge-toto’ feature in last Feburary. The solo concert gathered to the integer It was hot as the response was anticipated. The atmosphere with the cheer, which the fans are hot in the long concert hour that it is 3 hours it never get tired over 80,000 seat was altogether the pushing on warmly, all DalgwotThe domestic ‘ Boy group which it represents the idol if because it is likely to say the H.O.T. Ro It makes debut and the hot love of the fans been gotten until the break up group in one body in 1996 in 2001. The H.O.T filled the long it is over 3 hours in order to meet because of waiting show of the fans whom it is over the year 17 with the profitable organization. The tune ‘candy’ which it made to rise to the H.O.T. Reul world of singers top summoned the fans and members as the days of the memory. Till the soldier’s hat of the memory and suspender pants, mottled, the woolen hat All Geonnet the people to the second floor and audiences in the trilaminar H.O.T which it shows it wears the cute costume is left to the serve stage which the main stage is not The cute hula dance of the leader Huijun Moon could be watched after long interval. The fan who It becomes the mother of a baby, employee, and respectable lady got now. However, it returned to the girl and at that time, Kkyareureu at was laughed. ‘the descendant of the transcription’ which the opening tune is 1 title song When strong Jeonju resounded, then the fans rose all at once from the seat and it cheered. There were the fans showing the tear. The continued stage ‘the wolf and sheep’, ‘fighting spirit’, ‘The Way That You Like Me’, ‘Outside Castle’, ‘the row is adjusted’, and ‘child’ Because the album recording song succeeded the H.O.T., that is the hit song, all, there was no poor song to be Ttarabureu. The fan ‘with you’ ‘ours oath’ stage, most, much, all Heullyeot the tear The reason.’ as to ‘with you’, which is famous for the H.O.T. ‘the beating eulogy’ the message imparted to the fans is included in the housekeepingWhen because there was even when it was hard and getting tired and being tired and like that, it wanted to cry alone. However, the video mail prepared for the fans waiting for the hour which it has been going to you and concert middle and H.O.T. That you who thought of you and look at us were together always was surprisingly revealed. The members put forth strength altogether and we can start once again. The love which is not changed, solidifying oath, and beautiful days will be eternal. It is appreciated and feels sorry. ‘ours oath’ forever H.O.T.’ shouting the very valuable now this moment once againThe fans shouted H.O.T when the message came out. The audience, whom after H, O, T is seeing at a distance one round goes around the main stadium it rises to the traveling type stage thoroughly, all Haet the greeting ‘light’ which it is called among the fans was continually called to the last and the concert was finished. The H.O.T finished the concert and promised firmly to the fans to meet again. The conviction hung around the members’ facial expressions who promise in the front of fan that this meeting was not end. The members promised the next towards the pans shaking cheerly the white balloon by the bright smile to the end. It was late but it gets together and in this way, the swash is happy. In this way, if it will get together, it will be good and the wind about another meeting was conveyed. This asset is same. The Sseona Ga would better come to one page and the page where this stage is fresh with the H.O.T. Was done. H.O.T the H.O.T. Arranges this performance The formal SNS account was made. It is the plan which maintains the account even after the solo concert ends. The H.O.T. Second opinion history is the beginning from now.
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