‘it is with a great puff changed’ Hyunchung Ko and any kind of appearance in the first show after comeback ‘the team Lake 2’?


It appeared in the Pusan International Film Festival as the looks which is changed so that the actor Hyunchung Ko could don’t recognize. The interest about his first show after comeback ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2’ is rising in the appearance which just it takes the beautiful face back in the heyday. The high string definition stylist published the picture which the high string definition appearance attending its own SNS as Woosang Bae examiner qualification of this year from the Pusan International Film Festival ending ceremony is contained on 13th. Hyunchung Ko made a boast of clear ear eye mouth and nose and jaw line and Ganyeorin body line in the revealed photo. The polished fashion was and completed with the long dress of the gray and black jacket. It is authentically different from a bit plump looks which it showed previously in ‘return’. The voice is appearing in his risen beautiful face if it doesn’t lose weight due to the next product. Hyunchung Ko decided ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2’ appearance on the stage in last August. Shinyang Park playing an active part in the season 1 and schedule in which it will keep time in the season 2 The wheelbarrow was pulled and He sold the car in the Busan jagalchi market. However, the Imjeonghui role disguising the social position was undertaken for the plurality. It comes and goes to it is unyielding, be mystery and the colorful looks seems to be shown. If they act, especially Shinyang Park and high string definition breathing which it cannot exclude attracts attention. The curiosity is rising if 2 people having the powerful strength meets and any kind of synergy is caused. As much as ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake’ season 1 records previously till the highest ratings 17.3 % (nielsen Korea totalization), the interest is collected if the meeting of this high string definition change and 2 actors makes the good result more. However, there is the eye line that it will suffer from ‘return’ dropping out in the middle controversy which due to next product is not that Hyunchung Ko, as to the years old drops out from some people. Hyunchung Ko was suddenly dropped out in the middle of ‘return’ in last Feburary. The production crew and discord produced from the shooting process crosses the level of the opinion conflict and it is early to the situation of the unrecoverability. Here, the dispute related to Hyunchung Ko while all sorts of rumors which it cannot confirm the fact including the abuse, request for prompter, and etc. came out was heavier. After him didn’t attend the movie ‘the winter customer who is scary than the tiger’ formal schedule where it meets with the media. However, it attended GV which it meets with the audience. Hyunchung Ko said to the fan supporting me “it will reflect much, it thought” “the misunderstanding was the misunderstanding. However, the thing which is not how could occur but it wanted and why the talk was held up whether there was silently”. All Moat “when there is lost one gotten through this adverse criticism” the interest it tells after that, it is “when any kind of thing occurred, there was no bad one. When it felt being no good one,” In the meantime, it is the story opening the second film for life as the lawyer who selects the sense of justice instead of the life in which as to ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake’, making the appearance the decision the Jalna Ga hung the sign on the neighborhood where the petit bourgeois got together and buys after it was entangled in the inside the prosecution denunciating affair and the prosecutor team Lake decreased due to the hell and which it ran the road to success and fulfills the mission for the client. KBS revealed to be “the plan to enter the production for the broadcasting into the goal in January next year”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735327.htm, 2018/10/15 11:29:42]