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2 people are planning to face at the police station while the former member Koo Hara (27) of KARA accuses the former boyfriend Choi Ssi of Intimidation. The reason it was called on the confronted questioningThe international news reported and like this, the Koo Hara and most Ssi faced with the confronted questioning on 15th. While investigate the both violence of 2 people and image circulation threat case, the police decided according to the report that confronted questioning installed 2 people spread the mutually different opinion. The settler Commissioner of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency conveyed from the press corps and meeting about Koo and Choi case “the statement of 2 people are not same and it has to be the cross-investigation the year” on 15th. The Koo Hara and most Ssi are called at the same time this week and the confronted questioning is planning to run the Gangnam Seoul police station investigating the case. The investigation by police was received against the both parties assault charge last month from 13th and there were previously the Koo Hara and most Ssi. The truth that after Koo Hara spread the sexual intercourse movie to most Ssi and it was threatened was confessed far later and the addition accused most Ssi of the suspicion including enforcement · threat · sex offense punishment law, and etc. on the 27th of last month. Choi of the house and car, and etc. were seized and were searched at last second and the police secured the cellular phone of most Ssi and USB, and etc. in this. At last week, all Badat the outcome the police requests the digital forensic recovery to Seoul Police Agency cyber investigation squad Most Ssi is called and the image circulation threat suspicion is investigated prior to and the police has Koo Hara and confronted questioning at the same time and is expected to check the situation at that time in detail. About 3 that it finds on 15th now times and most Ssi are the state where it undergoes two investigations by police. While the fight started with the violence between the sweetheart goes up to the extreme, eye and ear of the men are leaning to the court debate end of the Koo Hara and most Ssi.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735348.htm, 2018/10/15 15:12:39]