One ‘trembling’ skinship the empty stomach battle forgets it is ‘the empty stomach people’ Dahyun Kwon ♥ Miss


It was ‘the empty stomach people’ Dahyun Kwon and Miss and the couple opened the sweet new marriage everyday to 24 hours empty stomach challenge and the attention was captivated, it was the Miss who is the actor Dahyun Kwon and Eppikhai member and the couple started the empty stomach battle in MBC variety program ‘the empty stomach people’ broadcasted with 14 with the day at 6:45 p.m. 2 people came out on 24 hours autonomic empty stomach in order to feel the feeling of crisis at the weight swelling after the marriage and take a good look. It was this day Dahyun Kwon and Miss and the couple revealed primally the charming house of the newlyweds. Especially, 2 people showed the hot skinship of which the affection explodes in the everywhere like the new marriage and concentrated the attention. 2 people led these who produce the sometimes sweet scene such as playing the couple pilates, etc to the crucible he was enviable. It did according to the wrapped looks of the husband and the exaggerated wrapping was shown and Dahyun Kwon was burst out laughing prior to the empty stomach battle. Because of reading the korean language textbook, it was near but the look his rap was serious. The detail suggesting the sound which is purposely thick around the part of the Misseura was added. The Nohong iron in ‘the empty stomach people’ studio asked “it is to why do that” at this and the embarrassed reactoin was shown, saying that it was “why it does to don’t know I, whether” called Miss. Dahyun Kwon revealed “when it is good as much as the rap is so excited and it sweats”. The pledge which was fed up by the commitment of 24 hours autonomic empty stomach called after Dahyun Kwon and Miss and which it is fed up was put up. In conclusion, it was connected to the empty stomach battle hanging up and the tension and thrill was fully raised. When pointing out the truth that Misseura has never informed the rap never once so far and failing in the autonomic empty stomach, Dahyun Kwon asked to do ‘the rap lesson’. This called Miss was accepted to be cool. When Dahyun Kwon failed in the empty stomach, it doesn’t bring up this talk again and He put up the condition that it does. When the battle started on a full scale, then 2 people played the soccer game with the computer and it tried in order to forget the hunger. When Misseura got in the game, then the couple made the appearance in which the sesame pours out of the bed. It was startlingly surprised and within was envied and the drifting people look and Nohong iron seeing this evoked laughter.
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