Park Chungmin from SS501 and singer ranking candidate entry…’The increase in ranking has been being blown.


The group SS501 from Park Chungmin ranked 25 Wi of ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking. Park Chungmin held up with the solo in the site ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking candidate imparting the idol ranking information on 15th. Presently, it is recording. Released ‘the wind blows in’ was together in the rank on 12th. The wind blows in, it is the voice sweet of Park Chungmin and tune which the acoustic guitar music is in harmony. Stimulate this sensibility which the delicate melody harmonizing with the autumn feeling lonesome listens. Park Chungmin made debut as the group SS501 member of 5 groups in 2005. The love which is big for ‘admonition’, ‘the snow prince’ (Snow Prince), and popular song of ‘four chances’ (Four Chance) back was gotten. The SS501 members who DSP entertainment and exclusive contract is terminated are engaging the activity as each new agency in the transfer of registration and various fields after in 2010. Park Chungmin play an active part as the singer and musical actor His new the solo ‘the wind blows in’ gets attention if there is the number the rank playing an active part in 3 parking singer ranking vote of 10 months.
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