The inconvenient eye line of the Sangsu Hong · Minhui Kim ‘blades of grass’ starting… South Korean viewer


5 number work ‘blades of grass’ (the supervision Sangsu Hong · manufacture film production Wonsa Jeon) trailer with the 22nd feature length film and Minhui Kim was revealed on 15th when being Sangsu Hong director new work. Hold the next day press preview. The new work of 2 people maintain ‘the potato which the cinema world is hot’ title attracts attention. The blade of grass ‘***’ 5The revision ‘ Bukchon direction ‘ is the fourth black and white movie of supervisior Hong after that. All Geuryeot the talk of the man having the talk in the cafe with the alley not the woman who observes them and records the ideaIn previously revealed black and white poster, the versus, the blades of grass open the sprout inside were contained and the impression was left. The trailer is black and white screen. The aspects of the woman span of both arms (the Minhui Kim) which observes the men and that them who has a seat in the cafe and shares the different talk respectively and which it records is seen. Calm many actors including the narration of Minhui Kim, Anjaehong Minchung Kong reference Bong Yeonghwa Suh Chinyeong Chung Saebyeok Kim, and etc. appear in the trailer. The curiosity is raised if the various people and observer spans of both arms forms any kind of relationship in the work. Continuously the film festival of the world prominent received the invitation like the red director having been receiving the favorable comment and interest to the current movie, moreover, the majority international film festival continuously. The formal was invited to the 68 time Berlin international film festival forum section first work in last February and the global audience was met. It was invited to the 56 time New York film festival Maine slate section, today-panorama part of the twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival Korean movie, and etc. After projecting movie usually in the case of the domestic movie, the press conference proceeded but it was the public knowledge called ‘blades of grass’ pity “the press conference doesn’t proceed after projecting movie” But. Previously, solder heartburnings ‘after that’ ‘the camera of the clear’, moreover, there is no press conference, the showing a movie is on air. The outdoor stage personnel affairs with the talk with the audience was proceeded against in the twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival opening from 4th until 13th between two days a day. However, at this time, supervision Hong and star Minhui Kim could not meet. After the scandal became a subject of discussion in 2016, it confined at home for some time and supervisior Hong and Minhui Kim is revealing shape to the official meeting together from last year. In the overseas film festival, it is together constantly situated. But since acknowledging the acquaintance fact in ‘the beach of the night, alone’ press preview and press conference officially at March last year, it is the hard to see situation in the domestic. It is the red director and Minhui Kim developing to the improper relation of lovers fitting the work breathing with ‘it is the Jigeumeunmagogeuttaeneunteul Ri’ for the first time in 2015. If ‘blades of grass’ includes ‘the riverside hotel’ which after is photographed in the work which 2 people have the fifth together, it shares 6 works altogether. The work activity was together done and the love and 3 rabbits were won. As to Minhui Kim, ㅇ achieved the splendid achievement received the Korean actor first prize name of Berlin International film festival (best actress award) in the 67 time Berlin international film festival due to ‘the night beach, alone’. The location as the artist is well stood by. However, whether the image that it is ‘morals’ is lost can be said to be said to come. Because of avoid, endlessly as to the homework which it will have to loosen came the recovery of relationship with the domestic movie fans. ‘blades of grass’ is having the domestic unsealing a period ahead on 25th. The South Korean viewer is waiting and is seeing the work of 2 people and pass. The pop-art gets the meaning when the public welcomes.
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