The present of BTS and future…, only, ‘ARMY’


The law in which the fans who enjoy the hot popularity and inspire the hot love always it Seuttaha exist Because there was the support without the condition of the fans, global the bulletproof Boy Scouts success was possible. It is the official fan club in the bulletproof Boy Scouts having the AMI, that is, the will called army as the A.R.M.Y Korean from all over the world making the bulletproof Boy Scouts so far. After determining at July 9th in 2013 formal fan club life by ‘A.R.M.Y’ (AMI) in the formal fan cafe through the vote and holding the foundation ceremony last March 2014 on 29th, AMI formed the formal fan club. And presently, AMI of the various age and sexes is active in every country as four natures of drugs. AMI tend to be high by the ratio of the teenager and 20 as much as the bulletproof Boy Scouts melts the story of the youth and growth up in the song. The trend that however the heating power of the fandom is rising with the global popularity of the bulletproof Boy Scouts recently day by day The nationality is thanks to this diversified and 30 and the 40th fans are increasing noticeably. There are AMI of the area which the U.S.A-Japan-Seoyureopgwon including Middle East or Southeast Asia Eastern Europe, and etc. is not. These see the bulletproof Boy Scouts through YouTube, and etc. and the case where the fan is stops. General many East Asian country are listed afterwards the first the fan club the number of members of the k pop idol is usually Korea it sees as the nationality. However, the bulletproof Boy Scouts is big as much as American fandom compares uniquely with Korean fandom. For example, each country hit watching ‘DNA’ music video is 1 Korea, 2 U.S.A, 3 Thailand, and quarternity Japan order. (On October 11th, the standard) AMI am Korean the actor for the bulletproof Boy Scouts which doesn’t write Engilsh in the native language and sings with Korean directly. The lyrics which makes the Tte window and likes the song of the bulletproof boy hem is explained directly. The song of the bulletproof Boy Scouts is translated directly and it uploads on its own SNS and publicizes actively. It had the Hangeul Proclamation Day recently and it was sweet and the overseas AMI of the bulletproof Boy Scouts raised the hash tag that it is ‘the bulletproof Boy Scouts the # is inspected’ the photo through SNS including Twitter, and etc. The uploaded photo wrote in the Korean Seottul the song lyrics of the bulletproof Boy Scouts. The prime minister opening this pleasure in the 572 Dol Hangeul Proclamation Day celebration which is held in the same day Gwanghwamun square in relation with this ” Hangul is not writing of us. The cosmopolitan learning Korean is increasing over the time. The world youths wrote the Korean words of song of the bulletproof Boy Scouts with the Bat child and it followed and called and told. After that, the government decided to award the Order of cultural merits, it announced officially to the proud bulletproof Boy Scouts. The thing in which the bulletproof Boy Scouts gets the medal and once happens due to the energy of AMI. The bulletproof Boy Scouts doesn’t save the effort for the Korean electric wave against. The Korean housekeeping to was adhered in the repackage album ‘LOVE YOURSELF time’ Answer’ brought out in last August. ‘Deongideokkungdeoreoreoreo’ and Korean tradition chuimsae like ‘eossu’ are sent in the title song ‘IDOL’ housekeeping and it becomes a hot issue. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is spreading Korean to not only Korea but also whole world with this pass. The Korean fan, US fan, and Japanese fan are not and the fans of the bulletproof Boy Scouts are ‘AMI’. As to all events, the global ‘AMI’s take part together and the bulletproof Boy Scouts proposes the here good direction. It is the example in which the social contribution program ‘LOVE MYSELF’ which the bulletproof Boy Scouts shares with UNI self is good recently. When the bulletproof Boy Scouts operated once, then the world large-scale fandom was being concerned about the philanthropic activity and it is being connected by the practice. One which the influence of the k pop is able to make the outcome more than the imagination in the domestic media outside, this proves The bulletproof Boy Scouts doesn’t stop there and uses its own influence for the public benefit and precedence unsparingly. It is the word along with the global AMI. The green could be said to be the same color. It is this fan on this singer. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is AMI.
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