The president Mun Jae-In and RM after the bulletproof Boy Scouts performance viewing and embrace


The president Mun Jae-In visit five countries of Europe for 7 nights and 9 days program watched the show of the group bulletproof Boy Scouts at Paris. President Mun and Jongsook Kim lady attended ‘korea and France friendship concert’ which afternoon, (local time) Paris Tteu ledge was frozen on 14th, are held in the art theater. The bulletproof Boy Scouts risen to this day stage spoke as “truly, the honor it can attend the meaningful event from Paris”. All Nanwot the artists and people it shakes hands all shows end president Mun Especially they hugged the leader RM of the bulletproof Boy Scouts. Blue House publishes the stage photograph of the bulletproof Boy Scouts in the formal twitter on 15th and ” music and performance transcends the language and nation and human race. It got to stand to this seat with the patience that it will show the musical passion transcending the language and always better music, the writing of the content was uploaded. After that, it did on the bulletproof Boy Scouts “the register of the k pop is again written”. As to this ‘korea and France friendship concert’, about 400 person including the feeling · business world important personnel of France field and world of culture and art bow, cold current lover, Koreanology of the Paris 7 college and student, and etc. had together. President Mun has the marc long president and summit on 15th. As to the bulletproof Boy Scouts, in 19~20 days after come 16~17 days Berlin show, the Akkoreuhottelseu arena of ‘european cultural capital’ Paris meets with the French fan.
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