“the reason why there was no upload”… Kim Suhyun announcer ♥ Uwakgut gets married.


The Kim Suhyun sporty rain games announcer (26) and famous game streamer Uwakgut (31· one’s real name Yeongttaek Oh) turned on the painted candles. Kim Suhyun announcer and Uwakgut got married in Seoul somewhere on 15th on 13th, the sporty rain games revealed. The reason why it was the crab, the day before late night Uwakgut didn’t have ” latest upload through YouTube channel It got married. It will visit again in relation with the fast upload with the news and ㅇ gave the marriage news. Kim Suhyun takes care of the e-Sports League Obeu Legend relay, that is 2,018 Djakarta-Palembang Asian Game example item, with the sporty rain games position game professional announcer. The face is not opened to the famous game streamer which is being active in the twitch and Uwakgut acts for the caricature. Kim Suhyun announcer soaked the Uwakgut and love to the Uwakgut fans as the nickname that it is ‘angel’ at that time. And the congestion wrapped up in the veil.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735357.htm, 2018/10/15 15:45:41]