The start which the possession battle formation · Yeon Jeong-hun ‘my love healing stage’ and audience rating 9.8% are smooth


15 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea the day before at 8:45 p.m. the first broadcasted MBC new the sunday drama ‘my love healing stage’ (the script circle the soul precious stone direction Sungyung Kim) 1 time 3.9 % (under national standard) and 2 the smooth departure was informed before Yeon Jeong-hun makes the actor possession starring new sunday drama ‘my love healing stage’ who showed the stable audience rating which is close to 10%It revealed that time 9.8%, 3 times 8.9%, and 4 times 9.1% audience rating was recorded. My love healing stage ‘ is the drama drawn the story of the family who is not stopped with the activity of the national team class super woman who is the sacrifice not all bad lucks worth of for the family and causes the accident. In the day before first broadcasting, were the most battle formation (yeon Jeong-hun) volunteering still for the helper to the deposit mistake (the possession battle formation) in charge of the wife, daughter-in-law, and daughter back 3 role and deposit mistake getting back together again in the year 15. There was no it was rapidly unfolded. While the continuous incidents of the child Wanseong Park (the Yunjong Korean translation of Chinese character) scooped eye and nose. My love healing stage ‘ is broadcasted every Sunday at 8:45 p.m. 4 times Ssik series.
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