‘100 million sounds’ I the donation stars including the Chow Yun Fat · Dicaprio, and etc.


As to ‘100 million sounds’ I of the foreign stars, the donation record of achievements attracts the admiration. While it reveals that Hong kong top star Chow Yun Fat (63) will contribute all one’s property 5.6 billion Hong Kong dollar (the Korean won about 810 billion won) and the praise of the global fans is continued, the other overseas and (a) large amount of money contribution career of the domestic stars attracts attention. First Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio is selected if the donation ‘ is done. Dicaprio foundation which Dicaprio establishes contributed 20 million dollar (the Korean won about 226 hundred million)s to the relation 100 Yeo association for the environmental protection and climate change prevention at September last year. Dicaprio bringing the interest to the long period enviroment problem had been contributing about 80 million dollar so far. ㅇ Hollywood star xandra block which is famous at the domestic for the gravity ‘ Ocean’s 8’ etc. work kept the base constantly. The Korean won about 6 billion won was known to be contributed in 16 years. And 500,000 dollar (the Korean won about 530 million won)s 1 million dollar (the Korean won about 1.1 billion won)s are contributed to the American Red Cross for this spring single mom in order to help U.S.A Texas main part hurricane damage resident last year. The domestic stars moreover, there is the precedence from the colorful Ki. Yoon, there is the sports star Kim Yuna Ji-Sung Park Enbee Hong Myung-Bo, and etc. over 100 million won with ‘honor society’ member who is the big donator meeting including the broadcaster including Ahn Jae-ook Seo Jang-hun, who is revenue and expenditure Kim Bosung stingy and etc. The comedian Jaesuck Yoo and YG entertainment Yang Hyun-Suk representative leading to the ace in artiste world is selected as the hiding donation king. The majority entertainment world people concerned whispered “as to Jaesuck Yoo, ㅇ kept the base anonymously constantly”. The guess that it will reach the tens hundred million won if it adds altogether the cost which He contributes comes out. The representative established the being ownerless YG foundation for the split activity helped the unfortunate children and teenager last year as if it had been doing the donative activity in spare time. The property 1 billion won was contributed to the foundation. In 2014 Sewol ferry accident at the time, 500 million won is contributed. Meantime, it revealed the meaning that it will contribute “the money is not source of the hapiness” all one’s property to the eleemosynary organization in the Hong kong media Jeinseuttajeu and interview recently and as to Chow Yun Fat, as to the model of the global fans came.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735421.htm, 2018/10/16 10:00:33]