All one’s property hundreds of millions donation of Chow Yun Fat The big handed donation of the Dae star


It promised that Hong kong star Chow Yun Fat (63) will contribute all one’s property 5.6 billion Hong Kong dollar (the Korean won about 810 billion won) to the society. These who are abundant in his who is famous to be thrifty usually big handed donation are giving a clap. Chow Yun Fat said in the Hong Kong movie media zein stars and interview “the money is not source of the hapiness” recently, saying that it was “I which is not I thing is keeping the money” this. After that, ” my dream It, as to He becomes the man who is happy and normal. All Bahyeot I it is simply any one ” which spends the rest of life it carefree the mind of is peacefully taken care the most difficult work is not it makes money it lives The jeans time Ryeon, that is the wife of Chow Yun Fat, establishes the charity band, the chapter and meaning is known to be shared and It is becoming many these models. Chow Yun Fat acceded Asian top star of 1,980~90 s through ‘A Better Tomorrow’ ‘the concubine blood’ Sangung ‘ length and breadth Dead Sea ‘ etc. The many money oves the amount was earned and the unlike other people wealth and honor was achieved. However, he chose the saving instead of the luxury. It is famous that Chow Yun Fat is holding the simple habit usually. Use 800 Hong Kong dollar and about our money 110,000 won as the allowance every month. Use Nokia cellular phone on and was and put the smart phone in 17 years 2 years ago. Because the reason why the changes puts on the cell phone could be said to be due to malfunction, the surprise was evoked. The clothes purchases Chow Yun Fat at the discount store mainly. He doesn’t suffer the cloth in order to show to the other man. If I was comfortable, it was enough for that and told. As to the netizen “it is this man jackpot, it comes” (ads0****), also the brother is the brother with “the image for laundry donation and service and service this as the taste are considerable and the view is different” (ycpr****) “since a simple living was done even though there was the grand money, it can be respected, it is the nice person” (flow****) “. It is the eternal brother, the movie inside is sending the voice of the cheer to the unlike other people donation of ” (wook****) etc. He just as it is.
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