‘click’ in the work which this money shares with ‘the rub star gram’… string child


The then shared with the singer string child whom this money which it secedes from the group Pentagon is love the opening to the public passionately photograph was opened. This money published many it shoots among the trip to Japan photoes in Instagram on 15th. The string, it was the fact that it tagged the Instagram ID and there is with the string dirty in the photo of the leaf. The string, all Kkeureot the attention this money, photo and image which is together is published in Instagram in the place which is same in moreover, the Instagram The looks in which this money selects the cloth, looks, and etc. folding the folding one’s arms of the present agar this money were included in the placard catalog. Meantime, ㅇ the cube entertainment informed the fact that it cancels the contract under the same day string child and agreement. The attitude problem of this money was known to be not decided yet. The cube entertainment position which this money and string is well known acted for the project group triple H member at that time. And the passionate love fact was made public and the mind which is amazing to the fans with was given.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735476.htm, 2018/10/16 16:19:47]