‘the feed back of the queen’ Hyunchung Ko and public mind ‘return’ installs.


The thing of ” series will be undergone and it will reflect really much, it thought. It felt again that there was no one which all 1 yen are bad and there is no good one. As to the fans, one among the reason in which I will have to be rich that is all. Thank you. It is the speaking which it hands over to April and male fan whom the actor Hyunchung Ko is over and who comes to watch its own movie ‘the winter customer who is scary than the tiger’. It is him who was the icon dominating the round and sometimes one age with the debut in 30 and put name in the center of the gossip sometimes. The public that is however continuous if there is whether it is this what that is not changed to Hyunchung Ko after making debut interest and strong acting ability It is the Geurae Seo. It will don’t know whether it will be one of which the change which the high string definition which it takes the front of public is fresh wonders more after long interval. Hyunchung Ko is having the Braun tube comeback ahead. Decide KBS, that is the broadcasting schedule, 2TV new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2’ appearance on the stage in January next year and aim once and at the audience rating hunting. ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2’ is the sequel of ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake’ ended in the popular last May 2016. All Damat the story which opens the second film for life after it files a complaint against corruption in prosecution and the check team Lake that it is a success decreases due to the hell The star Shinyang Park plays a role of the star team Lake after the season 1 and with disguising the social position for the revenge the Imjeonghui role dug the round is undertaken in the Busan jagalchi market and Hyunchung Ko is breathed with Shinyang Park. The reason why the high prefecture definition return is more special than the other time is due to be the first stages which by no means are at the front of public after ‘return’ dispute. ‘return’ dispute Hyunchung Ko charge and played a role of the star Jahye Choi role in the SBS TV show ‘return’ broadcasted in last January. However, the situation of the first milk dropped out in the middle due to the fluorination with the production crew was undergone. The legal program MC Jahye Choi whom Hyunchung Ko acted is ‘mother’ lawyer losing the child due to the horrible accident As met the expectancy of the viewer, the drama broadcasting opening part and Hyunchung Ko towed without a break the watching of drama Ryul to the first by the acting ability which was stable and where there is the attracting force. However, how much was in trouble and the sharp discord with the production crew was caused and the provocative issue including the dispute, it will make the violence rumor and first of the ten celestial stems and etc. plastered the entertainment news one-sided every day. Actually Hyunchung Ko who is the person concerned of debate didn’t have the particular explanation. It had to alight like that from ‘return’ and the actor Chinhui Park has to replace his place. After Hyunchung Ko was absent from the most of formal events including formal press interview, and etc. on the occasion of the unsealing of its own performed movie ‘the winter customer who is scary than the tiger’ in last April. It was about which it made, lights the appearance the city on the cine talk, that is the meeting with the audiences. When the male fan told in relation with ‘return’ “there was the unpleasant case but Hyunchung Ko is still supported”, then Hyunchung Ko responded with the bright micro and Hyunchung Ko gave of the word of the reflection and thank at that time. And the high string justice recent condition finding the twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival ending ceremony with the beautiful appearance is caught and recently, the Portal site search word higher rank is run every day. The impact of the return ‘ dispute doesn’t snatch. The public looking at Hyunchung Ko reaction is cold. However, the hot interest toward He proves the same one. It is the time when Hyunchung Ko will prove directly now. It is the reason why it selected ‘silence’ instead of the ridiculous rumbling of sea or excuse earnest the word. With the topic of conversation with the audience rating with the actor high string justice acting ability instead of the excuse or rumbling of sea’the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2′ which Hyunchung Ko appears is broadcasted in the KBS2 channel on January, 2019.
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