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The domestic major sound source site 7 sound source site chart 1 Wi was recorded in one day while the singer person proverb T (the one’s real name Kimhae brush) revealed the new album ‘ZZZ’ on 15th. It is indeed ‘return of king’. The person proverb flaw opened the new extended play album ‘ZZZ’ through every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 15th. Among others, the title song ‘the method greeting nicely’ put name in the first place of real-time music chart in the domestic major 7 sound source site including the standard melon, genie music, bucks, Naver-music, sound sea, bucks, orle music, and etc. a.m. 9 on 16th. ‘the method greeting nicely’ which became a hot issue for the red velvet wisdom and collaboration from the making public of sound source is the tune in which the voice harmonious of the comfortable melody listening someone without the burden and 2 people are charming. The recording song is the excellent grade besides the title song ‘the method greeting nicely’ the steps. ‘idol’ (Ideal), ‘My Luv’ (MI rub), and ‘skinny person’ (Malla Gang) (feat E SENS) ‘the Eo unguarded moment’ (Uh Huh) and ‘sleep talking’ (Sleep Talk) (feat One altogether ranked in 7 major sound source site real-time sound source rank, 50 Wi with the Ohyeok) and ‘the story doing not know anyone’ (Untold Story)The person proverb flaw finishing the comeback showcase successfully is planning to engage the active activity through all sorts of performance, s and etc.
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