The string, shout the love at the center of cancellation of a contract.


Really it wanted to be candid. The fans who it roots always and watch and give are and does on stage eagerly to act with confidence always like that cheerfully. It is really insufficient with the word that it is thankful and loves but there is no way to be expressed more. It is this money who is the junior when the singer present agar is the co-worker in agency on last August 3rd and letter which it admits to love passionately and it leaves in its own SNS. And the farewell with the string I was determined after 2 months after worrying about the agency cube entertainment of the string. And the image enjoying the date with this money in the day when the agency had the declaration of separation and its own SNS which the prefecture is well known was uploaded and the love was fully displayed as ‘the body of the freedom’. In the afternoon on 15th, the cube entertainment revealed that it agreed on the string child and cancellation of a contract through formal report data. The agency arranged the relation of for 9 years as the artist who is together so far and position that it thanks the fans once again truly short. And the trip to Japan movie done in the similar time and SNS which the prefecture is well known with this money was uploaded. It was seen as if it were the video boasting the constant love toward the boyfriend. However, regarding this, there was the opinion that it is the action which is aware of the agency in some people. Enough intentional one Till the open love of the string and exclusive contract termination The reaction of the fans who it is the nearest, wait and see a series of process is how. Even when rooting for the confident love of the string, the netizens worried. The love was good. However, there were these who are anxious about the future of the singer string child and Pentagon this money. The stories which the comment inside which the thousands is over are various were showing the affection of the fans and concern. Leave the id Mang*** alone. Why the driver builds in this way that 2 falls in love prettily, whether. The string, rooting. Acting with confidence and being wonderful. The current Arles which is loved passionately with the comment for was rooted. The netizen using ID Tige*** was concerned about this money remaining in the cube entertainment. The string, He will don’t have much risk. It is that it strengthened if it wore as much as the public relation was any more already needless and the other agencies is trying to take. But this money ‘the width net’ (going broke completely) Anin Ga The Deut.” it will be like that and the location which connected as it provoked the current agar agency will go broke and without the ideaThe opinion was left. There was the netizen criticizing the time when it uploads the video on the current baby SNS. The Deut which the id Sara*** profits purposely more It was childish in profitting to see the agency and it missed. The netizen using ID Kang*** is strong. It will go where or will survive. It was surprised at the string’s choice where there is the courage.
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