The string, the cube enter and cancellation of a contract…’The rub star gram ‘ beginning (speciality)


The singer present agar agency cube entertainment and exclusive contract was canceled. It informed grandiosely to upload the photo which it puts at the personal SNS which the string is well known immediately after the cancellation of a contract news went out with the boyfriend this money and love passionately. It is free ‘the rub star gram’. In the afternoon on 15th, the cube entertainment revealed that it canceled the string child and exclusive contract through formal report data. After that, it told “thank the artist and fans who are together so far once again truly”. It is enveloped in the Pentagon was together active as the project group triple H when being the same agency which the string is previously well known member this money who and love affair. It refuted that as to love affair, these were not fact at that time. However, this was reversed in the day and the controversy rose in words and deeds of 2 people without the sense. The agency cube entertainment announces the liquidation to this as the reason that the artist and confidence is broken and the recovery is impossible. However, when the protest of the fans became fierce, then the agency announced the standpoint to agree after discussing seriously “there is no because the throwing out is decided” the artist and on hereafter course of action. Under is the official position of the cube entertainment. Hello. It is the cube entertainment. The cube entertainment agreed on the string child and cancellation of a contract on 15th. Thank the artist and fans who are together so far once again truly.
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