The string, today, (16 days), surprisingly, the live chatting…”Everyone all are good.


The regard of was given the fans after canceling a contract with the singer present agar cube entertainment. The live chat room was surprisingly opened on 16th Instagram which the string is well known for the fans. It had the bright looks which the string which it turns on the live broadcasting is well known while walking the street. He greeted “the Instagram live was turned on after long interval” “it was a little swollen in being the morning”. After that, it told brightly “it is the way which meets the mom and which it is going to have a meal”. ” Ahr (the nickname of the string the fan) which the string is well known It didn’t worry of everyone and I and the weather got cold much and it will wish to be wearing warmly as me surely “***” diet decide to be taken and ㅇ decide to give the news by the live often and it added. The Pentagon was together active as the project group when being the junior same in agency who the string is previously well known member this money who and passionate love was announced officially. Throwing out was notified to these and it reversed and the contract was canceled under the string child and agreement at last 15th, the cube entertainment announced in this.
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