The time the autumn or the person proverb T


As to the skinny person in, what is good. I skinny person likes what. As to I skinny person, what is good. The guy who It becomes one fist distance one (the person proverb flaw and ‘skinny person’) When the refreshing autumn wind blows or the Chimaek (the chicken beer) is enjoyed in the Han River, there are the alley which or leaves the office and which it heads for the home and voice which it would like to listen suddenly. It is ‘the handsome skinny person’ and person proverb flaw (the one’s real name Kimhae brush) soothing the sensibility. He came back. The blank of 8 months was broken after the single album ‘eye’ at December last year in 1 and the extended play album ‘ZZZ’ was opened to every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 15th. This is the first time to release the new album in which 8 tunes are collected after two albums of regularity. Because of being the blank which is not short, the glad news cannot be not to the listeners waiting for his new album. The results of chart demonstrates the expectancy of the fans. The standard and title song ‘the method greeting nicely’ of the person proverb T ranked the first place of real-time music chart in the domestic major 7 sound source site including the melon, genie music, bucks, Naver-music, sound sea, bucks, orle music, and etc. a.m. 11 on 16th. As to the title song, as to of the wisdom of the girl group red velvet ‘the method greeting nicely’ (Hello Tutorial) took the featuring. It is the merit harmonious comfortable it makes to listen someone thanks to this without the burden with the housekeeping and melody and vocal of 2 people to remind the romantic comedy movie. The musical desire of the public acceptance and person proverb flaw person was appropriately added. One in which the clever musician’s choice forms the music chart all kill and once It can listen besides the title song so that the public can be comfortable in the album this time and the tunes where there is the Ttara part the number are the most. As to featuring, the various genre and recentlymost popular musicians participated. ‘sleep talking’ which Ohyeok is featuring (Sleep Talk), ‘skinny person’ (Malla Gang) and ‘the story doing not know anyone’ (Untold Story) ‘the Eo unguarded moment’ this sense takes part (Uh Huh), ‘idol’ (Ideal), and ‘My Luv’ in which (MI rub). The album this time recording song was altogether entered till current (P.m. 12 on 16th, the standard) in 7 major sound source site real-time sound source rank, 50 Wi. ‘yangwha bridge’, ‘eat the Kkeo in’, ‘song’, and ‘eye’ etc. and so on Whenever the tunes which the person proverb flaw announced so far were opened, the music chart top class had been being monopolized. In the meantime, the unique groove of the person proverb T-shirt peculiarity and producing, and etc. got attention and delicate the sensation came to his thinly parched up one’s figure, appearance, and etc. One combining the new music, unique fashion, and fascination of the refreshing musician showing ‘what is different’ outcome is right every time. However, there is separately the reason why we have been waiting for the comeback of the person proverb T. The pure sensibility which is felt from the chilly autumn and voice of the person proverb flaw and housekeeping shown the sincerity is due to console us. The new album of the musician person proverb flaw which doesn’t live peacefully and which makes a challenge constantly and which it tries attempts the glad reason. The person proverb flaw can be frequently met for some time. He putting out the new album is the fans the plan through all sorts of performance, s and etc. everyday actively.
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