The wedding album…” which was the Hong Hyunhui ♥ IIt admires if it is the studio where.


The admiration is connected to the wedding album beautiful of (32 one’s real name subject of a lecture multiplication) which was the comedian Hong Hyunhui (36) and self interior designer I. Hong Hyunhui agency Sidus HQ opened the wedding album of Hong Hyunhui and Jeisseun on 15th. Hong Hyunhui and Jeisseun, on 21st, all Ollin the private wedding ceremony in the Seoul certain hotel The singer ship everyone Hae going to the comedian Kim Yeong-hui and axis takes care of the society and the beginning of next year from the honeymoon is planning to be come back. The netizen “be rich” (jazz****) reading 2 people wedding albums is really beautiful. Buy happily, ” (ysan****) “ㅇ looks good with the en” (gpfk****) ” photograph is well prettily the Nawat Ne. ” (hyej****) ” photograph, well, all Jjingneun it congratulates ” (dndu****) “it has to go to that studio” (486m****) is beautiful if it is the studio where. It is wonderful. It was happy, ” (kims****) back comment was left and it admired. The marriage of 2 people was congratulated. The Ojakgyo of the couple who was Hong Hyunhui I was known to be Kim Yeong-hui who is Hong Hyunhui and close relationship. Kim Yeong-hui appeared surprisingly on 2 people wedding albums and the friendship was shown off. It appeared in the podcast ‘the brought up cider’ which Kim Yeong-hui Hong Hyunhui mirage hosts and Jeisseun finished the relation with Hong Hyunhui.
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