Wellmade foreign currency found on ‘venom’ ‘the star Ijeu sees’ off-season theater district


While the cold autumn wind seeping in played the collar, Wellmade foreign currency to captivate the mind of the audience showed. The box office 2 and quarternity are recorded and the interest of the South Korean viewer against is hit and there are the movie ‘venom’ (the supervision Reuben flasher) and ‘the star Ijeu sees’ (the supervision Bradley copper) with the star. ◆ ‘venom’ called 55,809 people according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network on 15th day in the morning on 16th with ‘venom’ and box office hit notified. Two Wi of box office of was taken possession with 33.050167 million accumulated number of spectator. Because it tosses about with the same day solder heartburnings domestic movie ‘female and male murder’ and 1 and the second are come and are being gone, the interest is concentrated. ‘venom’ is the action blockbuster drawing the story which is reborn as the marble the first Bill run hero venom after as for the just reporter eddy block (tom Bottom part) the host of the Simbiotteu becomes to the outer space creature. All Moat the interest from the premiere in the point that ‘venom’ is the solo movie which the marble puts up the villain as the star primally In the Spiderman series, when being the character considered the stronggest rogue, then the popularity which the hero character is no less is attracted and there is the representative rogue character venom of the marble. The art which ‘venom’ cannot exclude if it is the marble fan Especially, ‘Deongkereukkeu’ ‘ Mad Max: Tom Bottom part digesting the wide acting ability in the road ‘ Dark Knight rise ‘ Inception ‘ of the fury acted like the glutinous rice cake and it was the interest Nop. ◆ the movie harmonizing with the autumn sensibility which ‘the star Ijeu sees’ matching the autumn is lonesome was born. It is Lady Gaga and movie ‘the star Ijeu sees’ of Bradley copper starring. It had the surprising talent on the song but this film is the musical drama of the story which meets the man who the being nameless singer who is unable to be recognized loves its own all ones and is again rebuilt into the best star. ‘the star Ijeu sees’ used the audience of 15,809 the day before number of spectator according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network in the morning on 16th. The accumulated number of spectator is 169,204 people but is showing the steady upward movement as the word of mouth. This film becomes a hot issue with the change in acting style of Lady Gaga, that is ‘the crystal it is splendid’, usually. He became one by the natural woman’s unpainted face which it could not see with the beautiful tone color usually with the heroine alley station. In spite of being the work which Bradley copper ins charge of the direction, script, and starring for the first time, the high perfection of is made a boast and especially these many favorable comments are widely spread. As to one, get attention this film, as to Lady Gaga and Bradley copper be that sing a song by 100% live and directly. The eardrum of the spectator says be purified for the showing a movie and the voice of 2 people are selected as ‘the eardrum purification movie’. It is mentioned as the leading candidate of the major part including the award for best picture as well as the Academy Awards theme virtual and main actor award, and etc. this year and this film is gaining recognition from many sections including the public acceptance, literary value, and etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735420.htm, 2018/10/16 09:53:46]