Yang-Jeong, the marriage divorces in 4 years. The agency “among the next product review”


The actor Yang-Jeong agar marriage divorced in 4 years. Yang-Jeong, the cause the agency EL N company people concerned divorced on 16th last year. It didn’t know in being the private life of the actor, “***” current next product was being examined and the reason was revealed. It married the businessman of Yang-Jeong knows on December, 2013 3 years old younger. The passionate love 2 people meeting by the introduction of the acquaintance was married at that time in just 4 months. Many these blessings against were hit and it got married but became to after all, walk its own way in 4 years. The children was known to be at 2 among people. All Moat the interest with the villainous role which undertakes this boundary painting role and Chunghwa Yang is peculiar in the SBS TV show ‘the flesh, there is the sister’ last year He was known at that time to be the husband and divorce control term. It entered the entertainment world as the year 1,990 Miss Korea Seoul representative which Yang-Jeong knows. All Georeot the road of the actor debutting as MBC 22 0 house talent after in 1993 He is real It appeared in the drama ‘ours Heaven’ ‘M’ ‘general hospital’ ‘truth’ ‘million Roses’ ‘the mother was angry’ ‘man Who Can’t Get Married’ ‘the romance town’ ‘you has been roll the vine Jjae over’ etc. majority the work.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735470.htm, 2018/10/16 15:52:14]