‘interest attention’ which “the topic it floated” Seaeun Choo · Sumin Kim SBS newcomer child will come in and goes out


Sumin Kim whom SBS new announcer awards climbed the Portal site real time searching Eo recently and at the center of topic, undertook. As to a person, a person attracted with the controversy but there was no particular PR, SBS got to take the celebrity wannabe announcer as the ability. The giving announcer is appearing in ‘the office worker life of research’ corner of SBS power FM ‘the power FM of the Kim Yeong iron’ as the fixed guest from last second every Tuesday. The announcer the broadcasting giving made a boast of the skill at talking which DJ Kim Yeong iron is no less among these on 16th. This day Kim Yeong iron “it and B seems to be more and more of one mind giving” told. The giving announcer agreed. As to the Kim Yeong iron, after that, He seems to be not ” it when asking “the humor code seems to be right”. It could keep up gradually and gave an answer frankly and evoked laughter. Seaeun Choo announcer occupying after Portal site real time searching Eo 1 Wi gave of the gratitude greeting, saying that its own Instagram “thank” “the power FM’ image signal of ‘ Kim Yeong iron, in the future on Tuesday, the image signal and credit of the Tuesday, on Tuesday, the doing a favor” were this. As to the giving announcer, there is the Ba hiting against the interest in last August. It appeared in SBS power FM ‘ten of Sungjae Bae’ and challenged Korea and German soccer game broadcasting. All Moat the interest He has the ridiculous comment at that time the relay is unable to be prepared The interest is gotten in on-line community so far and there is especially, the ment of the giving announcer called “it is the Eop Eo because of being Roh”. Additionally, bae sex sleeps and the affection of the announcer is gotten and the nickname called ‘bae nature sleeps’ is holding the announcer in SBS. The Seoul Women’s University press image faculty from was graduated and the competitive rate of 1,700 to 1 was bored in 2016 and the week, that is 1,992 formers, the announcer joined SBS. On the other hand, all Chireot SBS incidence hazing with Sumin Kim announcer ‘dispute’ It is one posting reason which it uploads on its own Instagram recently. Recently, Sumin Kim announcer opened the Kakaotalk message had with the friend through the Instagram story. ‘ industry on characteristic can be much difficult for Sumin Kim announcer but because of being to take all into consideration and decide the goal and try and succeed, the college alumni wishes to go well according to the placard catalog as much as one can. If ㅇ formed that limpid meaning which you told at first time well, it will be good, by all means, the congratulations message of the back was sent. After that, the concerned friend is in the content that it is revealed one which It know that become the entertainer already, whether. And it is busy to live and it is our school men to sleep even if the entertainer passes truly not to write much attention. There will be a lot of the entirely the man will not be really changed, which will be big to “***” Tae peripheral people and which it is branded small and even by leaving the society, it would better go with the same miscarry or inside, the writing of the content was published. Sumin Kim announcer occupied the Portal site real time searching Eo 1 Wi that he was absurd with the changed appearance of the friend and captured this and uploaded on SNS. This netizen made this voice of “the person concerned raising this is not same man” the criticism against. Another netizen “it is hurt” showed the regrettable reactoin. Sumin Kim announcer who is 22 year old with 1,997 formers this year was accepted by the Korean National University of Arts through Seoul advance notice among the studentship in the Sbs newcomer announcer bond.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735484.htm, 2018/10/17 00:00:03]