It fights with the Yae ear in order to protect Joseon. … the movie ‘rampancy’


It attends the movie ‘rampancy’ (the Kim Sunghun supervision) press preview which Chang Donggeon, director Kim Sunghun, actor Hyun Bin, encounter battle formation, and procurement ring (from the left) whom it is the actor Uisung Kim and this line vacant opens in the Songpa-gu Seoul Olympic Ro Lotte cinema world tower branch in the afternoon on 17th and it is striking a pose. ‘rampancy’ which Hyun Bin, Chang Donggeon, encounter battle formation, Mansik Chung, and etc. appear is the prearrangement of release with the action movie drawing the prince confusion of the absolute evil Gimjajun that it swallows Joseon in the world of the Yae ear and Joseon standing up to him and story of the best uncrowned Park Jongsagwan on the coming 25th.
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