‘the professional poker player change’ Hakdo Kim, surprisingly, ‘the second film for life’


The time remembers the news the news in which ” Kyongchoo Choi professional games lifts the PGA Championship first championship cup. Maybe it is to be the year 2,002 where there was the KOREA-JAPAN worldcup. The impression of victory interview was seen as TV and the impression which is deeply moved was gotten. Do the expression that it is difficult as much as one which it passes the pinhole in the press. The story that it practiced the bunker shot of hundreds numbers thousands numbers on Wan-do seashore sand was heavy on stomach. It will don’t know whether the poker can be compared in addition but PGA championship cup is not ever enviable to me tapping 40 door for 8 years. Hakdo Kim is the talented kid called ‘the human Xerox’. It is the voice imitation thanks to which is over and is endowed with the gag quickness. At the moment when He whose the vocal mimicry of about 30 celebrity including the former president, celebrity, sports star, and etc. is possible takes hold of the microphone, it is indeed unique as much as rather the expression called ‘the fish meeting the water’ is poor. All Kkeureot the attention this Hakdo Kim tells the international poker tournament news of winning a championship in which the worldwide professional poker player (Pro Poker Player) take part recently Even if it saw in the point called the domestic ‘one number of celebrity’, it was the after a long time fresh news. The contest which Hakdo Kim wins the victory is the Sikseuhaen deed turbo (6handed) opening at last eighth (*manilla Inteonaesyeoneol Ppokkeoseuttajeu Syuppeosirijeu9*) last day. It is the way that it competes for the final one person with the tournament after the total 300 people of players comes to 6 people Ssik, one team and it matches the ability against. Since starting the first challenges in 2010, 4~5 time Ssik a year didn’t have been being skipped every year and Hakdo Kim, as to about 40 times has been participating in the international conference including this competition. He told “the fact, as to about several times had won a prize so far but before wining the victory, it wanted to include as the secret”. ◆ the possibility that then as in Hakdo Kim the amateur poker player wins the victory with Hakdo Kim, world poker tournament ‘the Sikseuhaen deed turbo’ (6handed) victory, and “the work which is difficult than PGA barrier” comes in a certain degree. The global poker site Hong Kong corporation ‘J88’ Geeun Kim representative spoke as “one which as to one, which Hakdo Kim wins the victory in the world tournament in which the pro poker Gary Player compete as for Korean golfer of the cheesecloth rises in the PGA Championship to the top no less case”. The professional poker players reach about 30 person to the domestic but if the stars lifting up the championship cup from the international conference take the points which there aren’t too much into consideration, the weight of the victory which Hakdo Kim takes up is not ever light. ” jackpot depends little by little on the scale but this championship prize money exceeds 10 million won a little. The footstool in which the amount is not important, but which can participate in the large-scale competition is prepared. The chance begins without limit if there is the ability. The competition the tens time Ssik U.S.A and Chinese Philippines part opens every country including Vietnam, and etc. alternatively every year. For that in spite of being the big event in which it takes the up to now which is the most abundant by the single game of sports, the competition opens mainly in the casino, it is yet active in the domestic, there is a lot of the limit. If the poker is played to the domestic yet, it is the fact that awareness that it is the casino or gambling is first. However, it is in the spotlight as the mind sports which the gambling is not of the overseas. The movement that from the beginning it adopts as the official Olympic game is getting up in Europe. The World series (WSOP which is held in the end of the year Las vegas every year: In the case of the World Series Of Porker), the enormous interest leans to ‘the World Cup of the poker’ in which it takes the thousands hundred million the jackpot. As to wSOP final game transmitted live by TV (ESPN), the heat is hot as much as the audience rating comes out than the Super Bowl much. ◆ it was initiated in ‘winning disposition’ of the professional paduk driver one mariner and the professional baduk player one mariner and 9 month, 2,008 year got married and ‘the life change’ Hakdo Kim had 1 daughter, 2 son as the poker player and once. The domestic Korean checkers is already developed into the mind sports and the wide popular head teacher is formed. The couple have altogether the dark consensus with the Korean checkers and poker. Hakdo Kim initiated in strong ‘winning disposition’ of the wife was once and hit by the poker on the commutation point of the life. The star who was most delighted and acclaims for this news of winning a championship was the wife one mariner. The commutation point was needed to me living as ” comedian. It thought from the year 10 (the kind phosphorus of the poker) if the work which it can do well was what and the Texas hold’em was done and the talent on was lit. Because of getting the praise that the sixth was done in the detail contest taking part in 2010 for the first time and the excel quality held and it was born in the surrounding, it cannot stop. The expert was found before and it studied everyday 2 hour Ssik and hung. It burrowed deeply only what that it studied the probability which it didn’t do even when going to school and it is of service to the poker to the mentality analysis. The world poker tournament victory in which the reputation gets through with the barrier which is hard as much as it passes the pinhole and which is the fruit of the after all desperate effort and sweat. Hakdo Kim could be said to be “the reason but one which it doesn’t open never once wanted to leave the poker tournament challenge fact with the appearance certainly wining the victory some time grandiosely so far”. He is having the activity ahead with the global poker site J88 position professional games player seriously. Send the profuse hand clapping to ‘the second film for life’ of Hakdo Kim participating B first it is held in December and next year 1 month Taiwan and China which it comes immediately.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735514.htm, 2018/10/17 00:00:05]