The string, the Vs cube and who are more the fault?


The singer string child and cube entertainment marked the period to the partnership of for 9 years. It starts with the girl group 4 Minute and is the solo singer present before. It is the time of the year 9 which believes as the artist and management and which leans and which it has been building carefully. But the tower of cost strenuous effort the year 9 was so easy. That fallen in the moment. The reason is more and more amazed. It is ‘secret dating’ of the artist. ◆ If ‘side area’ ‘the contract is canceled because of doing the present agar this money and passionate love’ fact of the cube entertainment is placed and it sees, then the Mosseul miscarry (?) seems to be very done to the singer affiliated to the agent string shared in the management company for 9 years. However, this cancellation of a contract adverse criticism cannot help being the feel victimized work in the cube entertainment position. Return to the beginning of the case. As to time, when the love affair of the prefecture child and this money becomes a subject of discussion for the first time the cube entertainment denied the love affair of 2 people promptly in last August at that time. The artist was due to consider the mouth the image blow. However, the cube effort returned to the action without any meaning in one day. One in which the string child and this money admits to love passionately through directly, the next day and one media and interview It was quick ‘the cold water root’ overturning the quick correspondence of the agency. The pass smooth of the string child and this money which cannot help being disconcerted in the cube entertainment position which had been being worked based on the artist, the trust and trust The mind of 2 people which would like to be candid with the fans was the understood part. However, it was the decision thorough and one-sided for which doesn’t consider numerous ‘work colleague’ which it has been working together for many years ‘2 people’ 10,000. The time which it ate the same mess for the cube entertainment position and at the time string child and this money in which furthermore the love affair becomes a subject of discussion kept the activity to be active with the project group triple H. It was the action without the sense which the scratch cannot help appearing altogether on the comeback of the group the agency drew advanced with the activity afterward and the solo plan of the string and this money belongs Pentagon of the triple H. The agency had been accumulating the string child, the long the time trust and trust. The law where as to agency, the artist has the obligation in which it will have to protect, however, there is the obligation which it will have to stick to the faith for the artist, moreover, the agencyHowever, it is the regretful part that personal who the string is well known hapiness insisted. ‘the love prohibition’ is not. It is to do ‘the love of the adult’ where there is the sense. Then, did this catastrophe can be avoided at least? Is the place that there was no thing disappointing the colleagues who are together for 9 years? ◆ however the position is and different with ‘side area’ of the prefecture if this case at gets to be looked as the time of the prefecture in which the company is not. The mood getting fired from the company has been work eagerly for 9 years by the moment For that, the proprietary was. No more than the number which is feel victimized and feels and victimized It was the decision for the fans and was the courage for the love. However, it is the count in which ‘my party’ which it is most important, has to inspire the trust stabs the knife into the back. It was transparent according to the letter which at last 15th present age weekly reveals in relation with this cancellation of a contract which the string is well known to be disappointed for the cube entertainment. Its own mind was introduced to the agency and cancellation of a contract the string is well known ago and management company which as the letter. It was “when it has only the crime which is eagerly active until the body can be broken until there is the cube entertainment today” through the mail and He felt victimized. After that, it told as “after the cube one and third which rejected the persuasion and which president Hong and Chungmin Park president one and second stopped at the president Seongsung Hong chapter undertook in president Hong chapter when the first parted from JYP if I had the crime when stirring conflict launches, it is the crime which runs out the best when there decide to be the cube”. Especially it was seen if in last September immediate junior Pentagon member this money which the string is well known and passionate love was uncovered and it was informed of the one-sided throwing out from the cube entertainment as if it felt victimized very. It insisted to was unable to receive until October 4th call for shareholders meeting relation notice writing the letter which the string is well known according to the autograph letter which He writes down against. ” excuse for is made an excuse and it uses up time (calling) and He pulls and is delaying the time. I am the tormented hour day by day. It was so difficult, it said to wait for the long time coming to 2 months. He urged the last to hang the report until October 15th. It was retired irrelative of the mind of ” I which the string is well known from the cube and my image fell to the land and the honor was lost. If the beautiful old friendship of is thought, it desires to be satisfactorily beautifully solved. If there was no any contact, it will be the edge and the road of me the fact that it proceeds so far was added as the almost one through the press interview. In conclusion, the time of the year 9 was left behind and the cube entertainment did its own way with the walk. The string, it answered with the cancellation of a contract decision to the letter of the string and this money and happy couple image was uploaded on moreover, SNS and the cube showed off the love on 15th. The netizens are leaving the various opinions in the farewell of the string child and cube entertainment. However, in conclusion, the regretful response is the most. It was due to be the agency leading the great artist to the road of the success and be the meticulous artist 200% meeting the belief of the agency running out the best. The work which is possible when the base came to the trustIt is not important to care who was more to blame now. The cube entertainment position it knows the string for the cube entertainment any more which is not now and the string is well known is not. This fact is most a pity.
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