Geesu Kim and drinking interview, after that. The movie harm and confidence fall


The actor Geesu Kim evoked much criticism by the drinking interview. It fell by the reliability moment as the actor has been build for the year 26 as well as the harm about the movie ‘the perfect others’ having the unsealing ahead. The water spilling already The public mind is changed. It seems to be a bit difficult to recover the confidence. Geesu Kim was late for the group of reporters and round interview prepared for the publicity of the cinema ‘the perfect others’ at last 17th. When it was the progress schedule from 10 a.m. but didn’t appear easily, then the agency NamooActors explained “it doesn’t get in touch with the field manager”. Geesu Kim who shows after blowing after 40 was drunken. He said to the reporters “when the trade show was finished and it drank till the colleagues and dawn but for answering, there is no problem”. The tongue the twist state there was no apple When the group of reporters judged that interview progress was any more impossible, then Geesu Kim told “the feeling is bad” “it asks because it can answer”. Rather the unpleasant look was exposed anything but the sorry look to the group of reporters. ‘the perfect others’ having the unsealing ahead mistakenly with this of Geesu Kim got to be damaged. This film which is given a favorable reception after the press preview as Hoyeon of the fresh meterial and actor learned the good tendency from the unsealing. However, it got to pour cold water on the movie of Geesu Kim mistakenly. Besides, the effort of the actor and staff has been put forth strength was made into the bubble for a long time. The image fell by the moment as the actor has been build for 26 years. There is the number to drink before the interview but it is the aspects of program to control for the next day schedule. However, he was not the disappointment long with the appearance which the professional is unable to Dap to the public as well as these participating in the movie. The agency NamooActors revealed “ask to the words of the deep apology about the Jeom in which the actor who belongs to company Geesu Kim arouses criticism” “the current Kim Ji-soo regrets deeply and reflects on my fault. And it is spending the steaming time during”. After that, on Jeom responsibility which for “the meaning of the deep apology was conveyed about the Jeom in which the pains of many staffs arouses criticism before the unsealing of the contained work” ” headquarters of a party, this kind of case gets to generate is deeply fully realize. It will realign interior so that this will not may happen again and it decide to pay attention and added. Nevertheless, the public reaction is cold. There is due to be previously two DUI history (history of driving under the influence of alcohol drugs). There is a lot of the entertainer doing downright “kim Ji-soo loses the movie” (choi****) ” self management. Isn’t it like that controlled? Isn’t the manager particularly good? (less****) “the man is not easily changed” (darr****) ” is sad. The Deut which likes acted figure and which it loses the ground more and more Control, ” (aire****) is the ridiculous sight. The voice of ” (ssyh****) back criticism is made as if the life bell raises due to the liquor. Additionally, it is appearing as the role which it acts the good book in SBS TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘by female prisoner bride’ (the script Gangeun Jjeum and direction renal pelvis iron) which it is televising. It was being given a favorable reception due to the delicate acting ability but the blame got to be incurred with this drinking dispute. In the viewer’s bulletin board, the texts demanding the getting off of Geesu Kim already are coming up. The damage got to be inflicted on not only movie but also drama.
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