The black pink system or the first the solo scramble… YG “the second half of this year object” it makes debut


Engage the solo activity for the first time after the group black pink genie makes debut. The agency YG entertainment revealed as “among the progress the finishing work with the object genie the second half of this year first solo activity” on 18th. The black pink ‘Ttuduttudu’ dance composition image 100 million view breakthrough congratulation poster is published in its own Instagram on the 20th of last month and Yang Hyun-Suk leaves “the happier news of will be given sooner or later” the meaningful letter. This happy news is gathering many these expectancies with directly, the solo operation news of genie. The international pops rode genie recently and it cooperated with the reaper. Genie got to take part according to the agency in the request of 2 child reaper. 19 days (eastern standard time)s ‘KISS AND MAKEUP’ (the kiss Aendeu make-up) which 2 people have together are opened. The black pink announced the first mini album ‘SQUAREUP’ on last June 15th. The title song ‘the Ttuduttudu (DDU-DU DDU-DU)’ swept the opening to the public immediately after home and abroad music chart. The top was and maintained in the day chart of the largest in South Korea sound source site melon for 30 days. It is the record which is all singers unique in all after the music chart reorganization at February last year. In the Ttuduttudu ’24 hours inquiries after the music video opening to the public which American Billboard announces’ top 10′ rank, the whole world girl group best rank was renewed. The music video broke through 400 million views recently and changed K pop group shortest new record. The black pink holds the first single Seoul concert ‘BLACKPINK 2018 TOUR (IN YOUR AREA) SEOUL X BC CARD’ in 6 o’clock and 11 day at 5 p.m. Seoul KSPO DOME (olympic Gymnastic Stadium) 11 month in the afternoon on 10th.
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