The Ochang seat and ‘gangseo-gu PC room murder’ national petition appeal.300,000 breakthrough


The actor Ochang seat pleaded with the national petition of ‘gangseo-gu PC room murder case’ for the participation. The standard and relation application text exceeded 30 at 2 p.m. “the friend younger cousin got to move toward the heaven” uploaded the photo which the Ochang seat captures the writing of the content and national petition bulletin board homepage on its own Instagram in the morning on 18th. About 30 times fitted, in order to get the referee of the law of which the suspect taking the life having no trouble away with yours signature is upright, it asked for help and by all means, as to He, “***” posted the knife the national petition link on ” (the friend younger cousin) face together. It was poor to suppress the anger and these who are abundant in this kind of appeal of the Ochang seat joined in the national petition. Consequently, it exceeded the standard and 30. As to blue House national petition, blue House offers the reply if the approver is over 200,000 people. Soak the regrettable story of the Ochang seat as ‘gangseo-gu PC room murder case’. The several times stabbed Mr B who Mr.A is the PC room part-timer with the murder case generated in one PC room in Gangseo-gu at last 14th and it murdered. Mr.A ‘ PC room cleaning the table didn’t go well. After it was unkind, waging the bother against Mr B with the reason, it went out outward. The several times ratted him who comes back after weapon on Mr B in the PC room entrance. Mr.A stated in the investigation by police “the usual time antidepressant was taken”. The South Branch of Seoul District Court revealed that it issued on Mr.A warrant of arrest. However, when the planted feebleness commutation because of the antidepressant intenal use is worried, then many these start and it is agreeing to the national petition. The national petition placard catalog link was opened, saying that it was “the victim of the younger cousin of the friend this case” which the Ochang seat awards the singer Kim dragon. The wrapper mountain published the national petition text address with the text called “even if it is good and it is good and the man puts a damper, he eats, body and mind feebleness # harsh punishment # to is agreed”.
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