The big bang triumph · Yuhye circle and 1 year Jjae passionate love middle? … the netizen caught.


The love affair of the big bang triumph and actor Yuhye circle became a subject of discussion. The victory of 19 days (local time) big bang, as to the daily newspaper ET today of Taiwan, as to the actor Yuhye circle and context that it is love passionately reported the domestic online community to diffuse to the center. One that the fans analogize through the photo in which the evidence of the love which comes according to the news between the wi and Yuhye circle so far and goes comes up to Instagram and the community is making this publicization Besides, the victory and one women appears in the We walking, that is Chinese SNS, from YG entertainment office building and figure getting on the car comes up to the video. In the We walking real time searching, it became a hot issue such as ‘the big bang triumph passionate love’ climbed the higher rank, etc. The Chinese fan say in unison as the Yuhye circle and there is the women who the corresponding video inside appears. ET today introduced as the owner of the outstanding beautiful face which dealt in relation with the Yuhye circle and resembles the Thiara delay and added till the concrete explanation that the Ji year 1 of which the victory and Yuhye circle associates was. The triumph and Yuhye circle presents the Instagram photo and couple item photo, and etc. put on the same place which the same to be sour as this evidence. In this regard, the still particular expression of one’s position is not done and the agency YG entertainment of the wi is showing the careful manner as the short answer that it is the entertainment per agency morning star of the Yuhye circle, moreover, “among the confirmation”.
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