The Cho Jung-suk · Geewon Yang & Nayong seat · essential oil U.S. and public response?


The entertainment world was hot in the scandal rumor of the unexpected stars on 18th all day long. Only that 2 Ssik The news which begins from the stock street milt city, is absurd and is obscene How was the public reaction? There is the end called ‘the smoke through is gotten in the chimney’. If the news came to a bit nonsensical rumor, there was the days which unconditionally It becomes the fact. However, it is the publics that treat the rumor of the stars to be different from the today and past response changed. ◆ the Nayong seat PD meeting by ‘sikdang Yoon’ and essential oil U.S. the sweetheart? The rumor that CJ E&M position Nayong seat PD and actor essential oil U.S. is love passionately around the stock street milt city and every kind of on-line community was going around at last 17th. It fell as much as the attention of the men not to was paid attention according to the magazine for me PD finishing the relation with the TvN variety program ‘sikdang Yoon’ and shooting which it pushes the essential oil and the love was shown off. Besides, the concrete content that PD is not if it renewed if CJ E&M and term of a contract ended Damgyeoit. When was this kind of story gradually exaggerated, it was reproduced, then it gave suggestions to make the next day official position which it pushes me PD and essential oil and legally deal strongly? The mouth which the essential oil U.S. agency management forest is firm through formal report data “the content, that is the fact baselessness, at cannot be any more sat and cannot be looked about the indiscriminative action which it circulates and magnifies and reproduces like the fact and loses the honor of the actor and causes the large-scale hurt” “it is very unpleasant that name of the actor who belongs to company the end is mentioned in the don’t rumor” on 18thThe closet was conveyed. After that, finish finished the corroborative facts collection in order to call responsibility against the initial writing of the bad rumor and diffuser, on-line publisher, and evil replier and the complaint is planning to be received through the law firm today” the strong legal action were notified in advance. On 10 high this rumor positions the mouth closing me PD firmly were conveyed. The mouth of CJ E&M was borrowed and He denied “the target content is altogether the lie and is the schedule to ask the legal responsibility to the first diffuser and all evil repliers” the scandal rumor. It told and, “it reveals clearly to be to the adequate management don’t have the personal honor and home as much as the girl lean”. The netizen showed the opinion that it supports the doctor of 2 people that it will punish the diffuser in the milt to the scandal rumor of me PD and essential oil beauty. As to mini****, make arrest the Ppahe one of the 24 seasonal divisions occurring about the end of August from ‘ first source. Chinsil Choi who the deceased becomes most to the harm because of the milt city comes to mind. The child who left that there was truly no adequate management, comment and whom Maru**** makes in ” imitation milt the Bwa cylindrical surface, not, all Doen When it was like that for the fun. Do you connive as the fun if it is the man porridge? The children living thoughtlessly needed to give the time when it will think alone at the prison and got angry. As to zOZZ****, thinking in being rightly not. The reaction which it didn’t believe from the first time was put out to the comment there be no reason to be like that. Of course, there was this having the apprehension. Sian**** suggested the question, saying that it was ‘it is strange that milt city the Nayong seat program casts goes all authentically with the something’ this. ◆ there is another absurd the groom Cho Jung-suk and Spica Geewon Yang and scandal view appears. It is the actor Cho Jung-suk. He had the pledge ceremony with the mantissa spider recently and the relation of the couple was finished. However, the whip was accumulated in the Spica member Geewon Yang and scandal rumor. In the yesterday (17 days) and every kind of SNS and on-line community, the rumor that Cho Jung-suk and Geewon Yang preserved for several years relation of lovers was going around. Even the spider adhered till the one’s private life equation explanation that it married Cho Jung-suk even though it knew this fact altogether. The cask the powerful legal action the agency JS company of Cho Jung-suk distributes the report materials on 18th and without “it endured in a certain degree and the powerful action was not done about the rumors without Geungeo. However, it judged that speculation about not only person concerned but also family and rumor was spreading and it reached to the level which it cannot overlook” ” adequate management in this regardIt did and positively would try so that the additional damage didn’t may happen and it told. Geewon Yang made clear the rumor spread throughout the world through this day edaily and interview. The Geewon Yang “cho Jung-suk brother is the person doing already till the marriage, also it is having intercourse with the boyfriend and such as milt city goes and cho Jung-suk brother is unfortunate and is upset” felt victimized. The netizen to stand Cho Jung-suk and scandal of Geewon Yang was the news which it doesn’t believe. Aygi**** was sorry, saying that it was “the Ppeotteuryeoeukka those rumors with someone any kind of reason” and Ykjh*** was unreasonable on ” newly-married couple. The Deut in which Cho Jung-suk is Cho Jung-suk and which the feeling is truly bad with the spider The man who the Mwon pride doesn’t have what was produced and it got angry. The Rlaa****, moreover, “as to the originals this groundless rumor, someone makes” the powerful legal action for was demanded.
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