The details of ‘the agency assault incident’ which this Straigth ear stone iron reveals more (synthesis)


It disclosed that this Straigth member ear stone season received the habitual violence and threat from its own agency media line with the band more. Ear stone season held the press interview about the agency assault incident which was the Jongno in Seoul a.m. 11 on 19th and in which the topic becomes in the 10th floor of attorneys’ hall building recently. It talked circumstantially on the relevant suspicion. Ear stone iron which it is at the front of group of reporters with the expression this day solidifying could not look on the hurt of the brothers on reason “K pop singer which gets to hold the press interview. The press interview with got to be proceeded in the wind which the child abuse and violation of civil rights wanted to disappear and it revealed. He disclosed “about 50 times fitted and as for two wins string which is playing role of the bassist of the group when being the brother the head exploded due to the status where it undergoes the confinement from Yeongil Moon PD in the studio. The vocal member bleeded to the head on the occasion of the stick at that time”. After that, it told “two wins string is getting the now spiritual treatment in the agency because of the accomplished and habitual violence” “when it received from Yeongil Moon PD until the Kakaotalk threat that it kills”. In the meantime, 20 at a time hit the heap with the baseball bat after ” Yeongil Moon PD made 2,015 year Jjeum members the underground rehersal room Eodeuryeoppeotchyeo. It got habitually, the threat that it kills if it introduced to the parents was added. It insisted to even suffer the neck due to the guitar string till the violence feeling sleepy. Ear stone iron told the situation “5.5 other cables were coiled like the report material to the neck and the rope was pulled” “when the music was wrong or it was unable to follow, for 4 hours Thursday was tightened” at that time. Even though ” Kim Changhwan president witnessed the assault site, were sly and He told and looked. Moreover, the injury was not treated and the appearance on broadcasting was made and it said and was the tear the steps. If on reason which gets to determine the exposure decides just on this word now, it is poor at the music and thinks and is unable to disclose. It explained to be one ” in which I came forward by the representative and which it has a news conference. It answered to the appearance including CCTV or the evidence image, related to the assault incident and etc. the pipe ship “the image doesn’t have one which is had but it have the transcript”. Presently, the member proceed with the criminal prosecution is the ear stone siderous two wins string 2 people. He told legal on procedure “if it becomes to take the legal investigation, all facts that are so far will be said. Without reservation when it thinks that there has to be no this violence itself,” afterward. Moreover, on part which it is the most afraid was mentioned. In spite of suffering the merciless confinement and violence, it revealed in the reason why it is unable to tell so far “we member everyone wanted to be the declaration unreasonable” and the reference and courage were made for fear of losing the dream and then the prevention of recurrence requested him. It was afraid for fear that the hope was destroyed and the state of mind was conveyed. It is sorry if the fact is unable to be early informed and ear stone season which it reveals finally, “it promised to give the music which is good for beating everyone and present the good appearance. It is so sorry if this happens” inspires the hurt of the feeling to the fans. It was the wind which the child abuse and violation of civil rights, and etc. wanted not to occur in Korea in the future and added and the finish formed the press interview. The news that these Straigth members were continuously more assaulted with previously over 18th from the debut to the agency media line entertainment position Yeongil Moon producer so far came out and the shock was given. The Kim Changhwan president who is the famous producer spited curses at the members according to the news and the violence which Yeongil Moon PD exerts was known to be overlooked. ” Kim Changhwan president doesn’t spit curses through formal report data but the management company is admonished in this with the mind of the parents. The responsibility of the fault was fully realize and Yeongil Moon PD who it instigated the violence or had never aided and has never abetted, It becomes “***” problem expressed resignation to the company. After recognizing the corresponding fact in 1 4 months ago for the first time, it solved satisfactorily through the member parents and talk and explained.
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