The drama getting off with the Chungtae Kim ” liver cancer fighting against a disease The treatment concentration ” (formal)


Alight from SBS new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the grace of Empress’ which the actor Chungtae Kim (45· one’s real name Kim Taeuk) was shooting with the liver cancer fighting against a disease. The agency Deo queen AMC revealed on 19th, “chungtae Kim got to be the liver cancer decided and it gets to alight from the grace ‘ of the drama ‘ Empress”. After that, the people concerned added to be “the plan which is the situation where the hospital treatment is needed and in which it concentrates on the treatment for a while”. Chungtae Kim didn’t know according to the agency that I am the liver cancer till the time to start into ‘the grace of Empress’ shooting. All Bahyeot He hiting after middle of shooting diagnosis of cancer the drama getting off doctor The SBS TV show Guk people concerned revealed “the quantity which Chungtae Kim ins charge of is likely to enter the rephotographing” “when there is no to be settled”. Chungtae Kim undertook the right arm horse Ju role of the despot Leehyeok (the divinity rock) among the pole when being Greater Korean Empire sulphurizing agent. The person living a life on the credo that what finishes it is the work which the money is it is the personal troubleshooter of Emperor It was the plan to spread the ferocious villainous role of Chungtae Kim peculiarity but this looks could not be seen as the regrettable news. It debutted as the movie ‘Lee jae soo’s rebellion’ in 1999 and Chungtae Kim played an active part in many fields including the movie, drama, article talents, and etc.
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