The first place of… first day box office ‘the first’ and ‘female and male murder’ were broken


The box office 1 70,848 the day before audience and about 73,200 the accumulated audience the movie ‘the first’ (the Syeo gel ‘ which the supervision day U.S. is frozen) is gathered according to 19 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network the Syeo gel director new work ‘the first’ which ‘LARA land’ ‘flash’ director day U.S. is frozen climbed the domestic release first day box office 1 WiThe grade was ranked. All strings the attention it rises to the throne at last third same day ‘female and male murder’ and ‘venom’ which tosses the box office top position about continuously it opens is beat’the first’ meet the audience from the day before is the work put the lunar landing course of the astronaut Neal Armstrong (ryan gosling) challenging the world which is unable to experience the no. 11 story and someone through the child pole in 1969 with the sequence of time. The favorable comment called the best where there is ‘it is the inter Stahl’ ‘gravity’ ‘martian’ back getting the world large-scale love space film is continued. ‘the first’ receives the support of NASA (NASA) and advocates the reality. All Sireot the strength in the realistic implementation including the space set, and etc. the naked group hook Ri received the academy launches into the art director in addition, it was the activity the steps in ‘it is the inter Stahl’ ‘Deongkereutteu’ ‘the great show is tied’ The Syeo gel director who the day U.S. is frozen meets the audience by ‘LARA land’ ‘flash’ back music movie previously. In 2 works, justin Wicheu Huh music supervision keeping time shares in the current work and it can lend ears to the music. The same day ‘female and male murder’ gathered the audience 51,200 Yeo people (about 3.085 million accumulated audience) and recorded the second. As to ‘venom’, the audience 21,400 Yeo people (about 308,800 accumulated audience) and ‘the rose of the treachery’ showed the audience 9,400 Yeo people (about 10,500 accumulated audience) and the audience 34,000 Yeo people (about 3.4312 million accumulated audience) and ‘the Miss white’ succeeded after of ‘female and male murder’.
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