The Lee, Yi Moonse’s choice the haze…’The meeting ‘ of OB and YB musician


The history of the alive South Korean world of singers and singer Lee, Yi Moonse introduced the regularity 16 album title song title and featuring singer. As to the agency k door FND, haze told that title song title of the regularity 16 album the album ‘the BeTwin earth’ (BetweenUs) of the Lee, Yi Moonse revealed as ‘it is faint’ on 19th and it participated by the featuring. Haze took part including the composition of ‘it is faint’ and writing the lyrics in the featuring and the tune taking care of the senior Lee, Yi Moonse was completed. The tune which is unable to throw away the Not child and ‘it is faint’ includes the memory and clearly sick content that the hour was over and it became faint and the feelings remained as the beautiful memory It expected to it was located at listened these hearts to be faint and console and it made. The expectation is raised if haze developed into the singer song writer of the best in the country accomplishes any kind of harmony with the sensibility which the shot classic of the sensibility drawing one stroke in the Republic of Korea song corp. considers the trendy of the Lee, Yi Moonse and unique. Today, (19 days) reveals ‘it is faint’ music video teaser video at 6 o’clock p.m. But it is the angel wing the detail that the man seems to reminisce about the sweetheart and happy time. When being the mind of the Lee, Yi Moonse that it will treat with the attitude opening the relationship between all men and among people, then it is the new generation unfamiliar but the regularity 16 album ‘the BeTwin earth’ of the Lee, Yi Moonse is the album symbolizing the opening aspects of older generation treated as the respecting mind. The total of 10 tunes are collected in the album. The Son Woochung, the Lee, Yi Moonse opened the junior artists and collaboration which is not revealed with the monkey and Kim Yoonhui yet in the album this time. Meantime, as to Lee, Yi Moonse, the line reveals the collaboration tune ‘the free MI mind’ (Free My Mind) with the dog’s nose at last 16th and the publics expectation the hot interest is planning to be kept with the regular album.
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