“the movie of one volume”… golden child and 10 people new album ‘WISH’ trailer opening to the public


The trailer of the group golden child (Golden Child) was altogether revealed. The golden child opened 3 number mini album ‘WISH’ (beginning) trailer with 18 for two days formal SNS channel on 19th. The trailer revealed over two days was the short image about 30 seconds. However, it was Donghyun which it offers Bomin, wine and side dishes, tag (TAG), and chapter that it places the string everyone.2 round trailer eyes as the strong immersion which is reminiscent of the movie film of one volume. 5 members showed fully the atmosphere sought with the eyes treatment which seems to be indifferent. The golden child was the change which is the same as the chameleon every album as the unchallenged concept the steps. The expectancy of local and foreign fans who notify visual done the stylish over this trailer in advance and wait for the comeback is amplified. Meantime, the golden child reveals the third mini album ‘WISH’ p.m. 6 on 24th. It is planning to launch the real activity by the title song ‘Genie’ (genie).
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735706.htm, 2018/10/19 09:46:12]