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The member round fortress mistake of the group wanna circle talked in connection with the drama ‘ten eight’ (gaze) casting “when there is no to be settled”. The agency fantasy was revealed “as to the round fortress mistake, when there is no in wanna circle activity middle to be confirmed about the plan of this after” on the coming 19th. Previously, the Star news reported “the round fortress mistake was determined as the hero as the drama ’18’ of which JTBC formation is influential with the last”. This drama adjusted to the next year 7 month Jjeum summer vacation and was planning to broadcast. Wanna circle is planning to come back to 11 month fourth weeks. As to wanna circle making debut through the Mnet ‘the produce 101’ season 2 at August last year, come on December 31st official activity is terminated.
source : [, 2018/10/19 14:31:14]