The triumph and love affair I the Yuhye circle who? Dona Bae agency new actor


The interest is concentrated in the Yuhye circle enveloped in the triumph of the group big bang and love affair. The Yuhye circle is the entertainment per morning star in which the summer Dona Bae and hand mix this year and of which the back belongs and new actor signing the exclusive contract. The management company revealed as “among the confirmation to the person in relation with the love affair of the Yuhye circle and triumph” on 19th. Previously, Taiwan ET today raised on 19th, the love affair of “the Ji in 1 of which the triumph and Yuhye circle associates was” 2 people. And this medium presented the Instagram photo, and etc. which 2 people takes in the place presumed as the place like the same time as the evidence. The Yuhye circle is the person who is being in the limelight as the advertising community morning star. It is active in the various field including the golf supplies, cosmetics, and etc. as the model. He is and famous for the black pink genie and actor Hahn, Han Geemin similar shape on SNS. Presently, it is active as the shopping mall Atteurangseu model.
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