‘it tells in advance’ comeback photo opening to the public it is “the innocence and Aryeon”… rookie example


The rookie singer example option first comeback photo was revealed. It was the example, the agency A100 entertainment revealed the second opinion single ‘it tells in advance’ comeback photo p.m. 6 on 19th. The example option fascination which becomes mature more and more was included in revealed 3 photographs with the background in which the fall atmosphere and sensibility is strongly felt. It is directing gaze as the look feeling lonesome towards the somehow to be the photo center example. The flower is held up and the camera at is stared with the faint look and the eyes is captivated. The new musical composition ‘it tells in advance’ is the tune drawing the mind having a pain in the heart of the woman who is unable to feel the love toward one man love still any more with the legitimacy ballad song. If the following breaking with this which the debut song ‘street corner’ loves feeling was drawn, this tune disentangled the feeling of the parting moment with the song. ‘it tells in advance’ Japanese version and Chinese version is together opened to this single to be the example who is three years olds of Korean residents in Japan and it is planning to communicate with Asian fans. Meantime, after informing the name in the cable channel Mnet ‘your voice 5 steps Yeo’ by ‘the flowery path girl’, the formality made debut as the first single ‘street corner’ in last April to be the example. The active activity was engaged such as announcing after drama ‘the farewell left’ OST ‘you are seen’, etc. It is communicating constantly and with the fans with the cover song and ‘the spirit Kono of DJ example discretion’ etc. person visual content which ‘we install no more. Then’ and ‘probably, it’ etc. of Boyeong Park is various it is Ro lap.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735830.htm, 2018/10/20 17:27:00]