The dress which ‘the court lady room’ Kim Hui-Son and bloodiness are white… something?


‘the court lady room’ steel of one actor Kim Hui-Son was the pure white dressed which is stained with the red blood opened. The cable channel TvN Saturday drama ‘the court lady room’ (the script Sunghui Chung direction jiyoung number) opened 3 the filming spot steel in which the scene in which the Hwasa Jang (kim Hui-Son) is doing the look in which the spirit goes out with the bloodiness dress before the fifth broadcast is contained on 20th. ‘the court lady room’ production crew made a request “any kind of thing takes place to Hwasa Jang, whether it confirms through ‘ court lady room ‘ this broadcasting whether He is suffering the dress which why is stained with blood”, saying that he was “the schedule which Hwasa Jang will get to be faced with the crisis in which it is difficult it will handle alone in the pole” this. The white silk dress which the blood stain bought the revealed steel center boots asks fully is worn. The look in which the spirit goes out is made that hair was carelessly and tangled and the focus is lost by the eye. In addition, because hands and feet are altogether stained with blood, the curiosity is raised whether something happens to him. After discovering the around place where the bloodstain bought another steel center boots is scattered, it is frighteningly surprised and is calling somewhere in a hurry. Because of all staffs added up the energy in order to serve the mood of which was shocking and the liveliness overflows this scene completely and taking a picture for 3 days, ‘the court lady room’ whispered. Kim Hui-Son maintained the feeling of the utmost limit from this. It is the rumor that it revealed the passion which doesn’t spare such as beating and rolling over, etc and exhibited the smoke fighting spirit. Every week soil is on the air with the drama drawn the court lady room ‘1 people of the man base gasoline battle formation (yeonggwang Kim) holding the key of the lawyer Eul Ji relaxation (haesuk Kim) in which the wicked woman condemned criminal Hwasa Jang of the uncommonness and destiny is changed and destiny’ life reset plural pole ‘ Sunday at 9 p.m.
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